Miss Earth 2020 : Miss China steals a traditional Vietnamese dress called áo dài to represent China

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    14 October 2020 :

    14 October 2020 :
    Miss Earth 2020 Talent Competition Dance Category Asia & Oceania :

    Go at 17:32 on the video above.

    It is not the first time that the Chinese steal from the Vietnamese.

    The Chinese already stole one the Vietnamese traditional dresses called áo dài from the Vietnamese and say that it is Chinese :

    Toàn cảnh áo dài Việt bị gọi là "phong cách Trung Quốc" của nhà thiết kế Ne·Tiger. :

    Nón lá, áo dài Việt Nam bị TQ ăn cắp gọi là 'phong cách Trung Quốc'? :

    Because of that, some people believe that it is a traditional Chinese dress.

    A Japanese company sells áo dài by saying that it is a Chinese dress on Amazon :



    Chinese stealing a traditional Vietnamese music for the show Produce Camp which is a Chinese version of the Korean show Produce 101 :

    Produce Camp under heavy controversy in Vietnam :
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