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    Love Birds

    Rain is dripping on the fallen leaves outside Gaeul's house and the sky has darkened.
    She and her friend, Doyoung, are sitting on the couch in the living room.
    The TV is showing a nature documentary about birds in Finland, because there isn't anything interesting on the other channels.
    Gaeul watches the documentary to forget all about Sehun, who broke up with her yesterday.
    "Maybe I should travel to Finland one day." Doyoung says. "I'll probably see some of these birds."
    She giggles. "Probably."
    "I remember that Taeyong used to like birds." he says, thinking of one of his former high school classmates. "If she still like birds, then I should bring him with me."

    The TV is showing a whooper swan waddling close to a lake.
    "Do you remember when we were playing dare at his birthday party, and he dared Yuta to lick Johnny's elbow?"
    "Oh, yes, I remember that." Doyoung says and laughs.
    "And I think he said that his elbow tasted like chicken?" she chuckles.
    "Afterwards Yuta dared Taeyong to lick my nose, but thankfully he refused to."
    "Maybe he would have said that your nose tasted like chicken if he did." she says, making him laugh out loud.

    The TV shows the rolling credits and some short clips of the birds that have been shown today.
    She turns the TV off.
    "But do you remember when Johnny dared you to kiss me?" He asks, his cheeks turning into the colour of Himalayan salt, remembering the touch of her soft lips that quickly gave his lips a kiss that day.
    "Yes, I do." she says, avoiding eye contact and looking at the floor. "It was your first kiss, right?"
    "Yes, it was." he responds.
    They had never ever talked about that kiss until this evening. They always pretended, it never happened.
    "Actually, it was my first kiss too." she admits.
    His eyes widen.
    "But Taeyong told me once that he kissed you, when you went to kindergarten together."
    "He kissed me on the cheek, not the lips."
    His jaw drops. "So... I'm your first kiss?"
    She nods. "And I kissed you because I had a crush on you."
    His cheeks turn pinker. "Actually, I had a crush on you too."
    Her heart starts beating fast. She has a lot in her mind, but she doesn't know what to say.
    "I liked you since I first saw you in that school." he says. "But after we became friends, I was afraid to confess because I was afraid that you were going to hate me and not let me be with you anymore." He looks into her eyes. "The truth is that I like being with you. It makes me happy." He smiles.
    "You make me happy too." she says.
    "When you and Sehun started dating, I tried to stop having feelings for you, but they didn't want to disappear. And whenever I saw both of you kiss..." He puts his hand on the middle of his chest. "... I felt like my heart broke into pieces, and I hated that it made me feel that way." Water wells from his eyes. "Instead of feeling that way, I should have felt happy for you."

    He wipes his tears with his fingers before looking into her eyes again.
    She takes his hand, and puts her lips on his cheek.
    His heart feels warm.
    Her lips let go of his cheek.
    He notices how pink her cheeks look.
    "Well... this is how Taeyong kissed me in kindergarten." she says.
    He puts his hands on her upper arms.
    "Minä rakastan sinua." he mumbles.
    He looks at her lips before tilting his head.
    He puts his hand on her cheek and kisses her lips, while closing his eyes.
    His nose touches her cheek as they kiss.
    She closes her eyes and puts her hands around his waist, enjoying the kiss.
    His heart feels like it is bursting of joy.

    Then his lips let go of hers.
    She feels his breath on her lips, making her stomach tickle.
    Her eyes open, looking at his thin lips.
    Then she puts her lips on his again.
    She put her hand on his neck, caressing it down to his shoulder.
    His lips smile, while she kisses them.
    Then he lets go of her lips again.
    He opens his eyes and with a smile, he looks at her face.
    "Your lips taste like chicken." he says.
    "What?" she says and chuckles.
    "Just kidding." he giggles.
    "By the way, what were you saying to me before kissing me?"
    "I said 'minä rakastan sinua'" he answers. "It means 'I love you' in Finnish."
    "I love you too." she says, and pecks his cheek.

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