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    So I don't usually do "versus" threads that often (like at all) but I think this topic seems an interesting one.

    EDIT: I had to revise my essay as a user pointed out a glaring flaw in my original argument. Thanks to that user! I think it was @drakan.


    With the impending debut of LOONA nearing, we've had lots of uncertainty as to how they're going to fit in the kpop landscape.

    Much of the threads I've seen discussing LOONA have commonly mentioned TWICE and how LOONA may or may not affect their popularity or status.

    I've argued before that I don't see LOONA as in direct competition with TWICE.

    TWICE fills a certain niche, that being public friendly cute infused pop. Their entire draw is one that incorporates wide appeal and spans multiple demographics. Their cute simple dances and fun charming personalities are key in their appeal.

    Granted I do not know what style LOONA will take upon their group debut, but if much of their solo work is any indication they seem to be an entirely different animal.

    They seem to evoke a chic and sexy maturity and subtle girl crush themes.

    Rather than public friendly appeal they shoot for a more sophisticated style.

    So how does this relate to BLACK PINK and RED VELVET?

    BLACK PINK is also very different from LOONA. They have a more aggressive yet still feminine style that incorporates more energetic hip-hop influences.

    RED VELVET as well, is a distinct animal with a versatility and wide range of concepts from more cute infused themes and poppish anthems to their more chic Velvet style.

    But despite not being the same conceptual basis I think their appeal will have a cross-over with the demographic LOONA may end up appealing to, if they go with concepts and styles similar to their solo projects.

    Individuals looking for girl groups that showcase a more mature femininity with female empowerment themes can potentially find what they are looking for in all three groups, LOONA, BLACK PINK and RED VELVET.

    For BLACK PINK specifically: If I remember correctly it seems LOONA will debut near the time BLACK PINK has their comeback. This may also lend itself to a direct competition.

    Now, of course, this is all speculation and LOONA is as of yet untested. We don't yet know what form they will ultimately take, what style they will evoke, or how the public will receive them.

    If they debut successfully and in the style manner I've suggested, perhaps they won't cannibalize BLACK PINK or RED VELVET's appeal, but instead co-exist beside those groups as a complement.

    LOONA will face tough competitors in both, RED VELVET in particular as they are so greatly established as Korea's 2nd monster girl group.

    We'll just have to wait and see.

    I'm excited for LOONA to debut. I wish them luck and hope they do well!

    P.S. I'm also eager for that BLACK PINK comeback! And as a REVELUV I am always ready for more RED VELVET. :)

    Thoughts? Opinions?

    NOTE: This isn't intended as a "fanwar" thread but merely a discussion of how these groups will relate to one another. If you want to bash any of these groups I'd advise you to go elsewhere. Keep it civil! :)

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    Somewhere In Neverland
    You got rid of the other thread just to add red velvet in the mix?
  3. emanresu

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    Mar 21, 2016
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  4. persona1418

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    loona isn't a threat to anyone
  5. emanresu

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    Mar 21, 2016
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  6. persona1418

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  7. Princess

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    I think Loona is full of visuals, but no one other than Kim Lip has impressed me so far vocally at all. I'm not sure she can carry the weight of the group, unless when they all get together their dancing outshines other groups to the point we don't care that the singing isn't amazing. Red Velvet and Black Pink have some serious vocal talent, as well as dance talent, so as a stan of both I don't feel threatened yet. I need to see them debut first I guess. Their visuals are super killer though, but that's all that stood out to me so far. Very cool concepts too, and amazing music videos. I can tell the company actually put so much effort into them. If I was a kpop idol, I'd love to debut like this. They can each grow to have their own fanbase already, and then fans as a group too. It's really cool.
  8. MULTI_Fandom0808

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    True, eventho i love HyunJin .. i can say their level is in below Gu9udan , Weki meki etc.
  9. RainingStarlight

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    Grim Reaper
    Mato-Exo Universe
    they have the potential to do well internationally
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  10. ExoticPride

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    ♛Royalty Stan♛
    EXO's Closet
    I think they can beat BP ...since they arent that hard to best since they are on the 5th spot .... RV on the other hand is on the 2nd place so it can be hard!
    TWICE is a wall tho .. no other group can even compete with them
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  11. zedi

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    most people talking like it's threat while in my group chats we are talking about how cute the group is
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  12. drakan

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    Their visuals and financial backing will ensure that they will achieve at least some success.
  13. Plushieless

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    I don't know...it's complicated. Seriously, we never know which groups will make it big or become at least moderately famous. LOONA is building a fanbase for itself but I don't really see them as THAT successful...yet(and this come from someone who stans them).

    But it's also quite relative. Maybe their debut won't be so strong, but as time passes they can become a success (like BTS, maybe). It's really all about "maybes", "what ifs" and so on.

    It's like shooting in the dark. But I AM curious to know how they are doing in Korea right now...
  14. SanasOverbite

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    You're thinking a little too high. The groups that LOONA may pose an actual threat to are the likes of Pristin, WJSN, Oh My Girl, DIA, Weki Meki, CLC, Gugudan etc.

    Though I gotta say, all this predebut hype from mainly international fans reminds of when KARD was in the same position. I hope that doesn't happen to LOONA.
  15. drakan

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    I have a feeling BBC will keep throwing money at Loona until they achieve success.
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  16. emanresu

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    You may be right.

    My title definitely makes it sound more "threatening" than the scenario may be (I had to get the clicks lol).

    As I stated in my post, LOONA is definitely untested.

    There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding them, which gives them a larger presence than they may ultimately end up having upon debut.
  17. songqion

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    Wheein enthusiast
    it seems like everyone underestimate their (potential) popularity in korea. they've sold a lot of albums, fansigns and events with almost no promotion (variety and music shows) and almost just solo releases. i don't know if they can compete against the top tier groups but they're definitely going for a spot in the mid tier girlgroup area. also, with some luck any of the girls could become popular and boost the whole group's popularity.
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  18. zedi

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    Red Velvet and Blackpink are Giant so no worry about them

    and about Loona maybe the new Group from SM ?
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  19. kpopisbaebae

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    let them debut first. all this talk is just rme. they arent even a thread to momoland
  20. Rand_Al_Thor

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    Can we at the very least wait until the group exists and has a song?
    none of the other stuff counts at all.
    I still think they would have been better off to drop the 12 member groups 2 years ago when all the kids started at least they would have seniority now. then do the solo and unit thing.
    Either that or the 12 member group is so bad they were afraid to try, and resorted to unique if expensive buzz marketing.

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