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  1. the_suddenlykfan

    the_suddenlykfan Trendsetter

    Dec 15, 2016
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    TG is a good example of a good manga turned into a crappy anime. The first season was good though, the second one is a total nonsense and that second intro gave me migraines. Ughh!
    My favorite character is Amon Kotaro. I don't find Kaneki that interesting honestly, not bad but repetitive. Is that character half this/half the other that looses control of himself.
  2. ekser

    ekser Married to @ionreallycare

    Mar 5, 2016
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    I love Tokyo ghoul,especially manga :3 my anwers will be spoiler-ish so don't read it unless you don't mind being spoiled or follow tg re weekly
    • best character in TG?Furuta Nimura.He is the most entertaining character to me,I want him to decieve me,tell me interesting stories,make me fall in love with him,fatten me up and make me change because of him and then roast me and call me a fat pig like he did to Ami.♥
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • worse character?Mutsuki.[​IMG]
    • fav arc?
      I don't know which arc is which but I know that chapter 53 of re is my all-time favorite
    • TG's weakest point?/
    • best point?I think characters are great and there was also an amazing plot twist which changed my image of kaneki completely(he was a psycho even before rize happened =D) and I think that there is more unexpected events to come too ^-^
    • something you would change about it?I love manga as it is and I wouldn't change anything about it but anime skipped some important information so if :re were to get anime adaptation it would look like they pulled it out of ass to the people who only watched anime.
    • did it live up to your expectations / were you satisfied with the anime?I was satisfied with anime but I like manga more,manga definitely exceeded my expectations

    My favorite tokyo ghoul couple are Nishiki and Kimi and those 2 characters are the only ones I really want to survive until the end :')
    I also ship Mutsuki and Urie,I think they deserve each other
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