Let's talk about some plastic surgery

Discussion in 'Star Photos' started by JiminieKookie, Jul 14, 2019.

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    OK this is inspired by the one post I did before about KPop idols and plastic surgery, but there might be also dudes in JPop who did this and so lets discuss who got one and who not. To not post to many people, I think of taking the dudes I'm curious about from BUZZ-ER. Maybe some did it or maybe not

    Person 1: Saku is it just the different lightning on both pictures or what in the world lets me think he might had gotten a nosejob? I'm unsure but it looks only very slightly different so hm


    Person 2: Yuya I allways had this feeling cause you could see depending on the lightning of the photo scares around his nose, but this child-photo proofs that he had a more wide nose in the past so I'm sure he had a nosejob. Also to the scar, its the white shine around his nose on the picture I post. If you look close enough it reminds me of a scar people have who got a nosejob so I really say he got one. Also if you search up for Yuya he has the most perfect nose I ever saw and it looks to me like if no human could've be born with such a nose so...


    So as it looks like at the moment, I would maybe say: Yuya -> Plastic surgery, Saku -> just bad lightning and your opinion?

    Sry I'm bored as fuck and its night so sorry for that weird post

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    probably filters lol

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