k exols reaction to Baekhyun covering 'Am I Okay Like This?' by BoA

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    *this video from CBX concert early this year*

    [Theqoo] Baekhyun covers BoA's Japanese song 'Am I Okay Like This?' at a concert

    - Woah I like this song and Baekhyun suits the song too.

    - I'm BoA's fan. I listened to the song without expecting much. But I was surprised at the first listen because he sang so well. I knew that he is good at singing but he is even better than I thought. The song is really hard to sing though.

    - He sings so well.

    - His voice color is insane.

    - I like the original version and now I like Baekhyun version as well.

    - This song is good but it's really hard to sing. He did well.

    - As expected that you cannot bash Baekhyun when it comes to singing.

    - Baekhyun's ballad is very good.

    - This is a difficult song. Baekhyun did a great cover.

    - The lyrics are just so sad. So Baekhyun also listens to BoA's Japanese album too.. his live singing was good.

    - As expected that Baekhyun's voice is nice.

    - Trust-to-listen Baekhyun.

    - I love the emotion in his voice.

    c: knetsonbaekhyun

    check out his solo debut if you didn't yet


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