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Juice=Juice goes viral after UtaCon performance

Discussion in 'J-POP' started by miky13, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. miky13

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    Dec 5, 2018
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    Yesterday, Juice=Juice’s UtaCon performance went viral and was widely talked about on twitter, leading to them trending for the whole day

    It might not seem that big of a deal but it’s very rare for a Hello!Project group (other than MoMusu, maybe) to get this sort of clout or attention from the public, I’m just so happy for them!! For comparison, their latest MV took over a month to get over 1M views but their viral twitter clip managed to hit 800k in less than 2 days! Really glad more people are noticing their talent and hard work <3

    Here’s the full song:

    Also just a few performances showcasing their talent:

    edit: also wanted to add this evolution of their studio recordings:
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  2. katahtattat

    Mar 5, 2016
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    they're my favorite hp group though i still have to digest the recent changes

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