Johnny & Association into dispute with ex. SMAP members

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    The Fair Trade Commission issued a warning to Johnny & Associates over suspicions that the company may have pressured TV stations to stop inviting the three former members of SMAP who left the company onto their shows. The commission said that Johnny & Associates may be violating the anti-monopoly law. This is the first time a talent agency has received a warning from the Fair Trade Commission based on the law that deals with artists who change management companies.

    Johnny & Associates denied it had put any TV station under pressure, but the company did admit it was investigated by the commission. A statement on the Johnny & Associates website read, “It is untrue that our company applied any pressure on a TV station and that we received administrative measures or warnings from the Fair Trade Commission for violating the anti-monopoly law. However, we take seriously that we have been investigated by the commission and we would like to pay attention (to our conduct) in order to prevent any misunderstandings.”

    Tactics used to put pressure on TV stations include strongly hinting to TV stations that no Johnny & Associates talents would be allowed on their shows if the three former SMAP members were to appear on their shows.

    The Fair Trade Commission warning was given to prevent any potential violation of the anti-monopoly law, not on the basis of any hard evidence of such a violation.

    Inagaki Goro, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, and Katori Shingo left Johnny & Associates in September 2017, forming a new group, Atarashii Chizu. Since then, the regular TV appearances they enjoyed while in the company have all but vanished.

    On an April 30 internet program, Tsuyoshi talked about the time since leaving Johnny & Associates. He acknowledged that there may be something going on behind the scenes, saying, “It certainly could be said that we’re not yet where we’d like to be.”

    Cases involving contract arguments between talents and management companies have increased in recent years. In February 2018, a commission panel said that talent agencies who leverage their power to sign unfair agreements with talents or impose extreme restrictions on those who wish to move to a different management company could potentially violate the law. The commission urged agencies to improve their practices.

    All of this comes in the wake of the death of Johnny & Associates founder Johnny Kitagawa last week.

    Netizen react:

    Aramajapan user kwon wrote:

    "they've be doing this shady shit since the 80's (hello Akina!). it's time to stop"

    Aramajapan user Tryagain wrote:

    "..and it begins. Looks like there will be more things exposed now"

    Aramajapan user Botanbutton wrote:

    "It took until 2019 but at least, finally, something!"

    Aramajapan user eplizo wrote:

    "Saw this on the news the other day. It's quite obvious this is the case. I can't stand companies like this"

    Aramajapan user light wrote:

    "Lmao they didn't waste time
    Did they receive a warning or not though? The reports weren't really clear on that. There was an investigation but looks like nothing was found. Have the FTC make an official statement (don't really know how it works) ?
    It's been obvious for years that JA have been involved in these tactics lol there seems to be some power play between nhk and ja now."

    Aramajapan user Risokofan103 wrote:

    "i love the talents. but idk what they go through behind the scene. but JE is just shit. I pity the boys."

    Message from Jin Akanishi


    Japan's entertainment is getting less and less busy because there are so many people.
    The works of Nippon TV are always in the same quality.
    But even if you are trying to get the pressure to go away so that it does not look like "pressurizing", will you be caught in the antitrust law? # A lot of proficiency

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    Someone should give SM warning to stop blocking JYJ members. It has been 10 years SM are you that petty
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    Yes. They are THAT petty.
    Have u not seen what happen to H.O.T.?
    It's been 17 years my f*cking got.

    So petty that they had to change their concert name and the logo was taken out even when the producer that came out with it and holds the rights to the name already left SM a looooong time ago. Lolololol....

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    Saw the article on Japan Times earlier and thought, it took for Johnny to pass away before anyone wants to bring this to light. I wonder about those sexual abuse allegations now, will they eventually be brought up? It shows the amount of power he held.
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