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    So I noticed that people dont really know much about JYP. Understandable, at least somewhat, Twice kinda encompasses the entire image of JYP. This has led the company itself to being almost entirely being associated with Twice and Twice's sound. While I dont think this is wide spread I do think it would be nice to offer some a thread that introduces and explains JYP Entertainment including a brief history and its artist over time.

    JYP Entertainment


    JYP Entertainment was founded in 1997 as Tae-Hong Planning Corporation by Park Jin-young. Park Jin-young had already established himself in the Korean Music scene as soloist and came to be known for his Funky hits and contagious dance moves. Throughout the late 90s JYP would focus more on producing songs for the standout group g.o.d. He would however debut his first soloist, Jinju, in the late 1990s and she would find some success and be known for her great vocals especially considering her age. The new millennium would see JYP expand more as Park Ji-yoon would sign on and release her hit song "Coming of Age Ceremony". 2000 would also be the year that JYP released his first group, the very young but skillful Ryang-hyun Ryang-ha. This group was a duo made up of twins that were aged 13. The twin brothers were personally scouted by JYP for their great dancing skills. In 2002, JYP would debut many artists from future global star Rain to Byul a respected singer in her own right. JYP would also debut his second, and first group with more than two members, group, Noel. Noel would primarily be known for JYP's famous R&B sound and for their concept of being a primarily vocal focused group. It was thus that the first almost decade of JYP's existence the company was primarily a soloist company with a few groups. In 2004, JYP Entertainment would sign the mega stars g.o.d after their contract with Sidus H.Q had ended. In 2005 JYP debuted J-Lim, a powerful R&B singer.

    2007 would really be turning point for JYP as the company was beginning to lose some of their most famous solo acts, Rain leaving this year and Byul leaving the previous year. Also their other groups Noel and g.o.d both left in 2006. In 2007, JYp would debut their only second multi member group and first girl group in Wonder Girls. The Wonder Girls would find immediate success and soon be seen as one of the premier girl groups in South Korea. The debut of the Wonder Girls would bring new prestige to JYP as this would be first truly hit group that debuted through their company. JYP would follow this success up with the debut of 2PM and 2AM, collectively known as One Day, through the survival show Hot Blood Men. 2AM would be jointly run by JYP Entertainment and the small company known as Big Hit Entertainment. By 2010 JYP had two of the biggest groups on the kpop scene in 2PM and Wonder Girls, this confidence allowed his to push the Wonder Girls overseas into the America market. This would soon show itself to be a mistake as the Wonder Girls were not able to find nearly the amount of success as they thought they would. It would also be this year that JYP would debut his second girl group, Miss A. Miss A would debut under a subsidiary company fo JYP known as AQ Entertainment. The group was pushed as the "Chinese Wonder Girls", as it was planned that China would be one of the groups primary markets. The group would eventually debut in 2010 and like 2PM and Wonder Girls find quick success. The years from 2011 until 2015 would be rather slow years for JYP though not entirely unsuccessful. Their groups would still be considered some of the top groups in the country and they would continue to put out hits but the golden age for their groups from around 2007~2010 had passed. GOT7 would debut in 2014 but they did not have the immediate success of their sibling groups though their debut would not be considered a flop.

    The year 2015 would be another 2007 for the group and like 2007 it would begin with a girl group. This year JYP would run the survival show Sixteen and debut his third girl group Twice. Twice was a multi national group containing three Japanese members and one Taiwanese member along with five Korean members. Twice's Sixteen survival show would have terrible ratings and their debut would be rather lack luster. However, the debut of Twice would change JYP Entertainment in an important way. You see 2015 would be the beginning of JYP 2.0. In this way JYP would change how his groups were managed. You see JYP groups would be divided into several management groups known as Divisions. Each Division would essentially be a small company within JYP that managed every aspect fo the artists in that Division. You can thing of them as basically subsidiary labels of JYP except not nearly as disconnected as a regular subsidiary. This was an important move as it allowed for JYP artists and groups to comeback more frequently as each Division only had a set number of artists to look after. This made it so many groups weren't being controlled by several divisions within JYP but instead by one division which had everything it would require to manage an artists or group. Twice would be the originator of this idea and after their amazing success this policy was implemented company wide. Thus JYP artists were put into 4 labels within the company, as mentioned before these labels are known as Divisions. Division 1 would manage all the activities and production for 2PM and Stray Kids , JYP's new boy group debuted in 2018. Division 2 would manage JYP himself, Yubin, Hyerim, GOT7 and ITZY, JYP's newest girl group. Division 3 would manage Twice and Suzy and finally the last label would not be known as Division 4 but instead Studio J. Studio J handled the more niche music and artists of JYP. This includes Day6, Park Jimin, Nakjoon, Baek A-yeon, and Yerin. This division of his artists allows for JYP groups and artists to make more music and comeback quickly.

    JYP 2.0 Video

    JYP Divisions

    Here are some videos of JYPs current Artist



    10 out of 10


    Girls Girls Girls



    days gone by

    Like OOH-AHH

    Yes or Yes

    Stray Kids
    District 9

    I Am You

    Dalla Dalla


    Baek A-yeon


    April Fools


    Bye bye my blue

    Im in Love With Someone Else

    Thank You Sooo Much

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    How can one company have all these blockbuster debuts
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