"I was feeling so much anger, I felt so depressed"

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    "there are tens of thousands of words wanting to come out of my body but I couldn't say anything"
    "I had a lot of sad things happen, and things I couldn't tell others"
    "I like to hold it all within me and hide it"
    "I took it all in by myself"
    "The things that happened this year... it really wasn't pretty [...] the things that happened to me, the things that happened to all of you, I had to overcome it all"
    "From my spine, from my back I was feeling so much anger, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet I felt so depressed, I felt like this 18 hours of the day, day after day"
    "That road that was not so pretty I am still thankful for"
    "I was having so much hard time"
    "Even when it's hard, the road we are walking together, even if it's not pretty, I'm walking with pretty people, so the road seems pretty."

    - Kang Daniel [2019.11.23]

    This is Kang Daniel speech at his Korean fanmeeting after watching the video support from fans.
    He was crying, and everyone who know a bit about him know he doesn't cry easily. From produce era to Wanna One era he never cried.
    First time we saw him cried is at Wanna One last concert while looking at his fellow members leave one by one, leaving him alone on stage.
    Yet Wannables now proudly turned ot10 because he was not able to attend a dinner anniversary mediatized by the agency who tried to make him a slave and then ruin his career, have the nerve to say he doesn't love Wanna One members, and they hate him daily for that, they are harassing him daily for that, they are spreading false rumors daily for that.
    And the peoples who don't know better who don't try to look further believe them and are mocking him, sexually harassing him just for fun, because everyone does that so they think it's normal, it's the new trend.
    But IT'S NOT NORMAL, you are killing him little by little, with your supposed jokes. But let me tell you, a joke is only joke if all the person concerned find it funny, otherwise it's harassment. Or your supposed opinion claiming freedom of speech but once again let me tell you, freedom of speech doesn't include freedom of hating. Freedom of speech have boundaries and anything that can harm an individual is one of this boundarie.

    He had it hard enough this year, from his group disbandment, to his former agency betrayal trying to sell him as a slave, to the legal dispute against this agency, to them slandering him, harassing him, writing and spreading rumors and defamatory articles about him on a daily basis, to him being blocked by the industry because the industry is so f*cked up that they punish the victims and kiss the ass of criminals even when the law 100% sided with the victim and gave him the right to do promotions without the criminals right to interfer with those promotions. To those criminals selling and exposing his private life, mediaplaying it and change the truth for it to fit their narrative and do more harms to Daniel. To these stupid dinner anniversary supposed to be private but heavily mediaplayed by CJE&M to make Daniel looks like the one abandonning his W1 members and Wannables. Turning them against him.

    I don't ask you to love him or support him. I ask you to not spread hate, rumors and to stop the sexual harassment "jokes". If you don't know better and don't care enough to search for the truth, don't say anything. If you can't have good words toward him don't say anything. And it's the same for all the celebrities and people around you, don't spread hate online just because you are anonymous, you are maybe anonymous but you also are murderers.​
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    I hate when Korean celebs can't share all their problems, hardships, thoughts about life because it is negative and it will ruin their positive image. And they can't give answer to haters.
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    Your ♡
    Daniel is such a nice and kind guy. He deserves all the love.
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    Thank god he got Jihyo by his side :3

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