I found out where they filmed "Ambivalent" by Kayakizaka46

Discussion in 'J-POP' started by JiminieKookie, Jun 10, 2019.

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    So I watch a Japanese drama and in it is a orginasation mentioned. If the orginasation exist for real and is not only made up for the drama than its a place where kids live where who lost their parents or are in need of help plus that orginasation helps women in need.

    Cause the drama is placed in Yokohama it would be easy if that orginasation would be real to find out where Keyekizaka46 filmed that video.

    How do I came to this? the round hallway they filmed in where girls lie on the floor and one walks around dancing is seen in an part of the drama and it looks100% like in Kayakizaka's MV

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