I follow my dream, part-time only 12h and didn't go to college

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    I am doing a series on my 2nd youtube channel, where I am updating you on my path as a musician. (Working in the Kpop/Jpop songwriting business).

    Early on, in my journey, I was very frustrated because I couldn't find a college/university that'd give me the right education to follow my path. There was no program that would cover even half of what musicians need in the real world. A degree in music does not guarantee success. The real training happens in the real world, those that engage themselves in the business most and end up learning by overcoming the hardships in business, are the ones that become most successful.

    I want to clarify ... when I say I didn't go to college it means that I went for education rather than a degree. I believe education is everything, but a degree isn't, especially as a musician. That's what rich people say among each other. they know. Much later in life, I figured that over half of the successful professional musicians I got to know didn't go to college, or quit.

    THAT one fact is just the tip of the iceberg though. People can doubt and blame me as much as they want, but the only thing that is left to do for me in this world is to create. It's the last thing that keeps me alive and I am taking you with me on my journey. Yes, this is 100% real.


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