How to lose your car in Germany: Man gained 373 points in Flensburg

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    A man living in Speyer, Germany menaged to get 373 points in Flensburg. You gain points for stuff like driving to fast (as example) and after 10 you normaly lose your liscense and need to take a test called MPU to maybe get it back so you can drive again, but that man just hit it all with these number of points wich normaly no human could menage to get.

    A valid driver's license? Wrong! Insight that driving is stupid then? Wrong! What follows? Display! A driver from Speyer was completely insatiable - until the police came.

    There was even the experienced police perplexed: A 37-year-old man from Speyer has a points account in Flensburg, in which even the biggest traffic hooligan would be pale with envy. Incredible 373 points, the man has accumulated - and in just six months.

    The point career of the 37-year-old started a long time ago. He had obtained a driver's license from Italy, although he knew from the police that he wasn't allowed to drive with the liscense in Germany.

    It came, as it had to come: The police caught the dodger in February this year. His points account showed a proud 35 points.

    That doesn't seem to have impressed the man much, because the central traffic services in Neustadt / Weinstraße got indications that he was traveling without a drivers license again despite the suspended sentence.

    "He scored two points for each illegal trip we showed him", said the police officer Sasha Fassnacht

    Whether he will ever land in the "Guinness Book of World Records" isn't clear. But one thing is certain: at the eighth point the liscence is usually gone.
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