How to change your eyebrows shapes?

Discussion in 'Fashion & Beauty' started by for_real_tho, May 21, 2019.

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    Dec 8, 2018
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    Just in case there is a beauty enthusiast here in akp. Is it possible to change your eyebrows shape?
    I have very arched eyebrows, i look like angry bird and i want to make it straights because i think it will make me look friendlier but you know if i shave it, it won't get along well with my eyebrows bones? lol if that's how you say it, is there a tip or sth?
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    u could trim the top of the arch and the end of the tail to make a softer arch~

    I changed the shape of my eyebrows too, I have an arch but it doesn't go up, it just goes straight and then down so I look just really fking sad so I trimmed the end of the tails to give the shape of my brows a bit of lift so I look happier and can also draw them on with a sharper shape if I wanna look like a bad bitch~

    I wouldn't recommend deviating too far from your natural shape though, only make small changes to fit the appearance you want to go for, if you change it too much then it wont suit your face as well
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    Feb 5, 2019
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    The way I do my eyebrows is this:

    1. Use a spooley to push my eyebrow hairs up and cut off everything above my brow line (I use little beauty scissors that are curved like this)

    2. Do the same thing but pushing the hairs down

    3. Use tweezers to pluck all the hairs that are outside where I want my brows to be, and maybe thin them out if some parts look really thick
    As for finding the right shape, it was kind of a work in progress, but definitely do some googling about eyebrow shape vs face shape and see what works for you. I kind of just do a neutral curve.

    Some things to look out for are stray hairs on either end of your eyebrow. If you define a solid end it makes your brows look cleaner and more "done."

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