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    the feeling of being a group of time in the market or even a rookie group, realize that your group has stopped making comebacks, I mean, your youth and your dedication is simply thrown out the window because a person (CEO) or staff, decided that the group is no longer able to receive comebacks (and sometimes, no reason has, like Pristin, Kyla is young, her body goes through changes, and this is not justification to give a hiatus)

    or even, f(x), a group from a record company / large market company, stop giving comebacks and songs to the group, mess with physical, mental health or even destroy dreams I say, why do and sign a contract then? because not leaving a temporary contract every year to renew and let the group and its members live their dream, K-Pop sucks in that question

    nugus groups do not even talk, if the music does not meet the expectation (whatever the CEO's), the career is canceled and they suffer to pay the investment of the contract, this is horrible

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