How come nobody is taking about this comeback?

Discussion in 'Comeback Threads' started by taehyung-hobi, Oct 4, 2020.

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    THANKS to bring this (SunnyHill) KOTA OST MV to my attention ...
    That it is KOTA of SUNNYHILL (Group) definitely makes it worth a listen ...
    And I was NOT disappointed ... KOTA is *amazing* in her vocal inflection skills ...
    And KOTA has a nice *quality* set of 'vocal pipes' overall ...

    YOU (Thread Originator) could EDIT the THREAD TITLE (via AKP Forums Server Software) ...
    To *include* "KOTA" = "SUNNYHILL" ; might be *more* clear that way , about KOTA.

    IF that you want it , I will create a 'Official' COMEBACK Thread here for KOTA ...
    But also , maybe YOU would want to do that , just ask a Forums Moderator.
    Having said that , I see that YOU have been using AKP FORUMS for awhile.
    So , maybe YOU are doing exactly what you WANT to do it ... :)
    SUNNYHILL ; 'Midnight Circus' MV ; 5 min 25 secs ; 2011.06.03
    Note: (See Spoiler Below) , It is stated that (B.E.G Group) GA-IN ...
    And *IU* too , do "CAMEO" appearances in the VIDEO ... NOT sure where though (here).

    (Description from LOEN Agency ; Year 2011) ...
    SunnyHill's new album "Midnight Circus" has been perfected with the best dream team members of Korea. Under the coordination of Producer Cho Young-Chul, who made stars out of Brown Eyed Girls and IU, top members have come together for their new album. The members have also taken part in writing the lyrics, showing off their hidden skills ... The title song "Midnight Circus" is an acid jazz dance song, with all instrumental sources played through real performances and acoustic sounds. The vintage charm of the song has been enhanced with trendy sounds by adding synthesizer sounds to the member's plain vocals, instead of using auto-tune ... The music video symbolically portrays the sadness and pain behind the eeriness and spectacles of the circus. The charm of the circus in a dreamy atmosphere has been filmed with sensational technical esthetics, reinterpreting a 'vintage theme' through a modern direction. The members even shot wire scenes as they themselves acted out the circus members with cameos including Gain, IU, and Lee Ki-Gwang of Beast.
    Sunny Hill (KOTA) ; Info
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