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    His Rouge Lips

    Goose is sitting on the couch in the living room reading "Moominpappa's Memoirs" by Tove Jansson.
    A mug of hot cocoa is standing on the table next to her.
    She is waiting for it to cool, so that her beak won't burn.

    Suddenly she hears a few knocks on her door.
    She reads the last words of the sentence before she puts a bookmark on it, close the book and lays it on the table next to the mug.
    She walks to the hallway and opens the door.
    In front of her, she sees Taeyong and his lips are looking red like blood.
    "Hello." he says with a friendly smile.
    "May I come in?" He looks inside the hallway.
    "Yes, you may."
    Then he steps inside her house and takes his sneakers off.
    "I hope that I didn't disturb you."
    "Well.... I was reading a book."
    He nods. "Okay."
    Then he walks to the living room.

    "By the way, why are you wearing red lipstick today?" she asks out of curiousity.
    "Because I just felt like it."
    Then he catches his eyes on the mug.
    "Oh, is that hot cocoa?" he asks happily.
    "Yes, it is." she says.
    Then he takes the mug and takes a sip from it, leaving a red mark on it before putting it back on the table.
    "Yum, it is delicious." he says.
    Goose tilts her head and starts hissing.
    "How dare you drink my cocoa?" she yells.
    "Because I like hot cocoa."
    She sighs annoyed.

    Then he notices something else on the table.
    "Tove Jansson. Moominpappa's Memoirs." he reads.
    "Yes, I'm currently reading that one, you mugger"
    "The moomins look cute." he says with a smile on his face.
    She agrees, but tries not to be infected by his sweet smile, so she avoids eye contact.
    "And I think you look cute, when you are annoyed." he says and giggles.
    She starts blushing.
    "Mær dámar teg" he says in her native language.
    She looks surprised at his face, that is smiling at her.
    "Where did you learn to say that sentence?"
    She looks at his lips and the mark on her mug.
    "I think you look handsome with and without lipstick." she says.
    He walks towards her, gets on his knees and gives her a peck on her cheek, leaving a mark.
    "I think you look beautiful. You are the most beautiful goose, I have ever met." he whispers.
    Then he caresses her cheek.
    "May I kiss you?" he asks quietly.
    She looks at his lips and nods.
    Then his red lips start touching her beak.
    She closes her eyes and lets him paint her beak red.
    She puts her wings on his shoulders and slowly tilts her head in enjoyment.
    Then he moves away from the kiss, opens his eyes and starts chuckilng.
    "Your beak looks weird now." he says.
    She runs the the bathroom, followed by Taeyong and looks herself in the mirror.
    "Oh boy, you're right." she says and laughs.
    "Yeah, next time, I'll kiss you without lipstick."
    Her cheeks turn pink from his comment.

    "I think I should go home now." he says and pecks her marked cheek.
    "Okay, bye bye." she says.
    He walks to the hallway and puts his sneakers back on.
    "See you another time." he says and opens the front door.

    Then she walks back to the living room.
    She grabs the mug and looks at the red mark.
    Then she takes a sip from it.
    It has gotten cold, but she finds it delicious.
    Then she continues reading Moominpappa's Memoirs.

    The End
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    I don't know if you meant it, but I imagined a literal goose and It made me love the story even more.
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    Squirting Hyunrin's Sweat Clean
    I imagined it was Taeyong x this
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    Yup, I meant a literal goose.

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