He Whispered To Me part 9 | Tzuyu x You

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    You are going for a walk in the park alone for no reason at all.
    Suddenly your super expensive smartphone starts ringing.
    "Hello" you say.
    "Hi, it's Mingyu." he says. "I stopped Celine from marrying Psy."
    "Oh, good for you."
    "Yeah, I'm glad I crashed the wedding."
    Suddenly the wedding march starts playing in the background, and then you hear an electric guitar playing rock music and sirens.
    "Okay, bye." you say and hang up.

    Then suddenly you see a man in front of you wearing plastic pants.
    "JYP?" you ask. "What are you doing here?"
    "I heard that you are getting married to Tzuyu."
    "Yes, that's true."
    "But I want you to know that she is a vampire."
    "A vampire?" you ask in disbelief. "Yeah, as if."
    "It's true." he says. "Every Halloween, I have seen her in my building drinking blood from a wine glass."
    "I don't believe you." You say and walk away.

    "But Mary Sue, I want to protect you from being bitten by her." JYP says, but you ignore him.
    Then Sigmund Freud appears, holding a lizard.
    "Do you still have feelings for her, oppar?" Sigmund asks.
    "Yes, I do."
    "Even after we had a baby?" he asks, and is shook in Austrian German.
    "Don't worry, I feel like I love you more now." JYP says and holds his hand.
    "Oh daddy..." Sigmund Freud says.
    "Dude, you're older than me. Don't call me that."

    You are inside your house and see Tzuyu sitting there eating french fries with ketchup.
    "I was at the park today and met JYP." You say.
    "You met him?"
    You take a seat on the couch.
    "Yes, and he told me that you are a vampire." you start laughing. "Like how ridiculous is that?"
    But then Tzuyu looks at you with a sad expression.
    "Yes, he was speaking the truth." she says. "I am a vampire."
    You gasp.
    "But why didn't you tell me?"
    "I didn't know when it would be a good time to tell you that."
    You see tears falling from Tzuyu's eyes.
    "I was afraid that you were going to hate me, if you knew." she says.
    "No, I don't hate you." you say and caress her cheek. "I love you."
    Her eyes widen.
    "Don't you care that I'm a vampire?"
    "No, I don't care what you are as long as you love me."
    Tzuyu smiles and her cheeks turn into the colour of a cherry bloosom.
    "But you sound like you are about to sing a 90's boyband song." she says.
    "Well... I asked the wedding singers to sing that song for us." you say. "And now you know my secret."
    "Oh, how sweet of you." she says and gives you a hug.
    Then her face is close to your neck.
    She suddenly feels thirsty.
    You feel her lips against your neck and then her teeth pricking.
    "Tzuyu..." you says, before closing your eyes and fainting on the couch.
    She removes her lips from your neck.
    Her lips being wine red.
    She looks at your neck with four holes on it and blood running from it.
    "Oops." she says.

    To be continued...

    Part 10 coming soon.​
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    skip this bullshit and get to the sex already

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