He Whispered To Me part 8

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    Seonghwa's abs
    You and Tzuyu are sitting in your living room.
    You are wearing the onion ring around your thumb.
    "Do you think we should have a singer at our wedding?" You ask her.
    "I think we should have Twice singing." She says.
    "I totally agree."
    "By the way, do you think that Celine Dion is going to marry that Psy guy?"
    "Nah, I don't think so."

    Meanwhile on Titanic III.
    Mingyu is sitting in the wedding room.
    He sees Psy standing there wearing suit and sunglasses, while waiting for his soon-to-be wife to arrive.
    Meanwhile a pianist is playing "Every Breath You Take" on his piano.
    Mingyu cringes because he knows what that song is actually about.

    Then the pianist plays the wedding march.
    And a door opens.
    Mingyu turns around and sees her.
    Celine Dion walks in, wearing a fancy, old-fashioned wedding dress and the Heart's Whisper necklace.
    He thinks she looks just like an angel.
    Psy looks at her with a smile on his face.
    Celine gets her eyes on Mingyu, looking at him for a moment, but then looks back at the man in sunglasses.

    Then she stands next to him, looking at him with a forced smile.
    "Dearly beloved." the pastor says. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Psy and Celine Dion."
    Mingyu looks at them with tears in his eyes.
    "But let's first hear the wedding singer sing a song." he says. "He is going to sing Perfect by Ed Sheeran."
    Mingyu looks around, but there doesn't seem to be anyone standing up.
    "Excuse me," one of the guest says. "but the wedding singer got sick this morning, so he can't perform today."
    "Then who should sing instead?"
    Mingyu raises his hand.
    "I will sing a song."
    Then he walks to the piano and grabs the microphone.
    "I want to sing 'Never Let You Go' by Justin Bieber." he says.
    Then the piano starts playing, and he starts singing.
    He looks into her eyes, while he sings.

    After the performance, Psy's face reddens.
    "That peasant." he says.
    "By the way, I'm not a peasant, because I own a Shrek 3 DVD." Mingyu says and drops the mic.
    Then he gets back on his seat.
    "What a wonderful performance by this young man." the pastor says and then looks at Psy. "Now, Psy. I ask you. Do you take Celine Dion to be your wife?"
    "I do." Psy says with a huge smile on his face.
    "And Celine Dion, do you take Psy to be your husband?"
    Celine Dion is quiet for a moment.
    She looks at Psy at first, who is smiling at her.
    Then she looks at Mingyu, who is looking at her with concern.
    "Uhm..." she says.
    "So what is your answer?"

    Out of a sudden, the pink diamond on the necklace starts shining.
    "No, she doesn't" a female voice whispers.
    And then an old woman with pink, curly hair, a pink dress and pink sunglasses magically appears in the room.
    "I can hear her heart and it is saying no." the old woman says.
    "Gra-grandma?" Psy says.
    "No, I'm not your grandma. I'm her necklace."
    "But madam, I want to marry her." he says.
    "That woman wants to be with this young guy who just sang that Bieber song." she says.
    "That freaking peasant." Psy says and is about to walk towards Mingyu, but the woman grabs his wrist.
    "Don't you dare try to hurt that guy, because this guy truly loved her, while you were trying to get over the fact that Snoop Dogg broke up with you."
    Then tears fall down from his eyes, that are hiding from his sunglasses.
    "You're right, I really loved Snoop Dogg." Psy starts sobbing.

    Mingyu and Celine Dion are standing on the stern of the ship, looking down at the ocean.
    Celine Dion takes off the Heart's Whisper necklace.
    "Do you think that I should throw it away?" she asks.
    "No, I don't think so." he says. "I think we should sell it instead."
    "You're right about that." she says and puts the necklace inside the pocket of the dress.
    He takes her hand.
    "Tu comptes beaucoup pour moi, mon ange." he whispers in her ear.
    "You don't need to speak French to me." she says. "I understand you, when you speak to me in English."
    "You really do mean a lot to me, my angel."
    She gives her a peck on his cheek.
    "You mean a lot to me as well."
    Then he caresses her cheek.
    "By the way." he says. his face turning pink. "Would you like to marry me one day?"
    "I do." she says.
    He smiles and puts his arms around her waist, giving her a hug.
    "I'll never stop being in love with you, Celine."

    Mingyu and Celine Dion lived happily ever after.​
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    kicking ass and Taking names
    Funny but nice
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    he whispered to me to stop snoring

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