He Whispered To Me part 7

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    Seonghwa's abs
    Celine Dion is sitting outside on board of the ship, looking at her old sketch book.
    Mingyu walks past her, again wearing a white shirt and suspenders.
    "What is that?" he asks her.
    "It's a sketch book, I used to own, when I went to art school in Quebec."
    He looks at the pictures.
    Some of them are sketches of young men's faces.
    He thinks one of the guys, that she had drawn, looks kind of like Justin Bieber during Baby era.
    "All of these pictures look nice."
    "Do you really think so?"
    "Yes, you're just as good drawer as Leonardo DiCaprio."
    "Don't you mean Leonardo da Vinci?"
    "Yeah, that guy." he says and giggles out of embarrassment.
    She turns to a blank page on the sketch book.
    He looks at it.
    "Celine." he says.
    She looks into his eyes, curious about what he wants to tell her.
    "Draw me like one of your Canadian French guys."

    They are inside her bedroom.
    He is sitting on the bed, unbuttoning the two top buttons of his shirt before he puts the Heart's Whisper necklace around his neck.
    She is sitting on the chair, staring at him.
    Then he sits still as if he has just turned into a statue.
    She starts putting the pencil on the page and draws.
    He looks her in the eyes with a serious expression.
    He wants to smile at her, but he doesn't want to ruin the drawing.

    "I'm done now." she says and shows him the drawing.
    He gets up and looks at it, surprised about how nice the drawing looks.
    He thinks that the portrait looks exactly like him.
    "Am I really that handsome?" he asks.
    "Yes, you are." she responds.
    "It looks wonderful, mon chéri."
    He sits on the bed again.
    "This bed is softer than the my bed." he says. "May I sleep on it?"
    "Yes, you may." she answers.
    "Thank you." he says. "I had a hard time sleeping last night because the bed felt hard and uncomfortable."
    Then he takes off the necklace and lies down on her bed.
    She walks to the other side of the bed and lies next to him.
    She takes out a book that is a short story collection written by an author called Imagination Gander.
    She turns to a random page and reads out loud a story about a goose and a kpop star, who are in love, but unfortunately are not allowed to be together.

    "What the heck?" Celine Dion says disappointed. "I can't believe I just wasted three minutes of my life on this nonsense."
    She puts the book back on the night table.
    "I liked the part, where this guy started liking pineapple pizza because of her." he says.
    "Well... because of you, I started liking the Shrek movies." she says.
    She nods.
    Then he caresses her cheek with his palm and lets the hands stay there.
    She grabs his hand and plants her lips on it.
    "Je vous aime bien, mon Fiona." he whispers to her.
    Then he puts his lips on her cheek and kisses it passionately.

    Suddenly the bedroom door opens.
    "Greetings, Celine Dio-" A familiar voice says.
    His lips separate from her cheek and he startles when he sees who it is.
    It's Psy.
    Psy's face reddens of anger.
    "What are you doing to my fiancée?" he yells.
    Mingyu gets up from the bed and walks towards him.
    "It is not what you think." he says, his entire body feeling shaky.
    "Were you not just kissing your 'close friend'?"
    "But I-"
    Psy grabs Mingyu's shirt and punches his face.
    Mingyu falls down and touches his own face, that feels pain.
    Celine gets up from her bed.
    "Mingyu!" she yells. "Are you alright?"
    "My face hurts."
    "Of course it hurts because I just punched it." Psy says with a smile and caresses his knuckle.
    Celine and Mingyu look at him judgmentally.
    "And if I ever see you with my soon-to-be wife again." Psy says. "I'll make sure that you won't be able to ever walk again."
    Then he walks out and slams the door.

    They look at each others.
    "Well... I guess I can't sleep on your bed tonight anyways." he says.
    "I hope you will have a good sleep tonight."
    "I hope the same for you too, mon amour."
    He kisses her forehead.
    Then he tells her "Bonne nuit."
    He walks out of her bedroom.
    He takes a seat outside and starts crying.

    Part 8 coming soon

    I promise that Tzuyu will be in the next one.​

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