He Whispered To Me part 6

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    Seonghwa's abs
    The sun is shining on the cloudless sky.
    Mingyu is on board on Titanic III, wearing a white shirt and suspenders.
    He is sitting outside, staring at the other people on board.
    He has not caught his eyes on Celine yet.
    His hearts feels like it is about to burst.
    He doesn't want to lose his beloved maple syrup noona.

    He walks inside the restaurant of the ship because he suddenly feels hungry and craves maple taffy.
    He walks past a table, where a lot of people wearing fancy clothes are sitting.
    He sees a familiar looking woman wearing an old-fashioned white dress sitting next to a man wearing a suit and sunglasses.
    Then he realizes that it is Celine.
    Her eyes widen, when she sees him.
    "Mingyu?" she asks.
    "Yes, I got on the ship for you." he answers.
    Then the man in sunglasses looks at her.
    "Do you know this young man?"
    "Yes, he...." she hesitates. "He is a close friend of mine."
    For him these words that came out of her mouth feels like he had gotten stabbed in the heart.
    "Oh, a close friend?" the man says with a polite smile. "Sit down and enjoy dinner with us."

    Mingyu takes the empty seat next to Celine Dion.
    He blushes and wants to hold her hand.
    The suit-wearing man snaps his fingers like Thanos.
    "Waiter." he yells.
    Then a waiter runs towards him.
    "Give this young man a plate of scrimps with caviar."
    "Yes sir." the waiter says and walks away.
    Then the rich man looks at her.
    "There is something I wanted to show you." he says and takes a box out of his pocket.
    He takes the lid of and there is a necklace with a pink gem on it.
    "This is something my grandmother used to own." he says. "It is a ruby necklace called Heart's Whisper."
    She stares at it in awe.
    "Nah, that's not a ruby." Mingyu says. "it's a pink diamond."
    He looks at him offended.
    "How would a peasant like you know that?"
    "Because my mother used to work in a jewelry store." he responds proudly.
    The man's face reddens of embarrassment.

    After they have eaten dinner together, Celine and Mingyu go for a walk outside.
    She is wearing the Heart's Whisper necklace.
    "What are you doing here?" she asks.
    "I'm here to stop you from marrying that man."
    "But Mingyu, he is rich."
    "Would you rather be with a rich guy who you probably don't even love than be with a 'peasant' like me?"
    "Mingyu, I-"
    "Is it him or me?"
    She caresses the diamond of her necklace.
    "I... I don't know...."
    Mingyu feels a lump in his throat.
    He puts his hands on her shoulders.
    "Celine..." he says. "Do you love him?"
    She shakes her head.
    "No, but maybe I will catch feelings for him after we get married."
    He takes his hands of her shoulder and sighs.
    "Fine." the lump in his throat gets bigger. "but I hope that you won't regret marrying him."
    Then he walks away from her.

    At a corner the man in sunglasses standing next to a friend of his and is looking at them.
    "They seem to be more than close friends." he says to his friend.
    "You're right about that, Psy." the friend says.
    "It seems like there is something between them."
    "Could it be possible that they are lovers?"
    His face turns figuratively green.
    "If they are lovers, then I'll stop them from loving each others." Psy says as he dramatically takes off his sunglasses.

    Meanwhile in South Korea.
    You and Tzuyu are in the park again.
    "Don't you find it romantic?" Tzuyu says. "He is on board that ship to stop her from getting married."
    "Well... at least it sounds like something that would happen in a romance movie."
    She holds you hand.
    "Do you think we should get married on a ship?" she asks.
    You blush.
    "Maybe, but I guess I would end up seasick in a wedding dress."
    "Oh, speaking of marriage. " she gets down on her knees and puts her left hand in a pocket.
    You are shook.
    "Wait... are you going to propose?"
    She takes the tiny box out of her pocket, opening it to reveal an onion ring inside.
    "Will you marry me, my Fiona?" she asks with a huge smile on her face.
    Your face turns into the colour of Heart's Whisper.
    "Isn't this going too fast? We just started dating." you say. Her smile dissappears. "But yes, I would really like to marry you."
    Her smile appears again and she gets up.
    Then she takes the onion ring and puts it around your right thumb.
    You put your left hand on her cheek and your lips start touching.
    Her lips taste like onions.
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    stanning skz
    chan's kitchen :>
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    no sex in the scenes, pity~

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