He Whispered To Me part 5

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    Seonghwa's abs
    You look at Tzuyu with your eyes wide open.
    "Excuse me? What did you just say?" you ask.
    "I have had a crush on you since I first met you."
    You are silent for a moment, not knowing what to tell her.
    "I actually got feelings for you too." you tell her.
    She takes your hand.
    "Thank goodness that you are lesbian."
    "Nah, I'm pan."
    "Peter Pan?"
    You giggle.
    "No, Frying Pan."
    She looks into your eyes.
    Then she pecks your cheek.
    Your face turns Peppa Pig pink.

    JYP is sitting next to a poster for a movie called The Kiss that stars Greta Garbo.
    He wishes that he kissed you.
    Then Sigmund Freud runs to him.
    "JYP, I'm gonna give birth now." he says and then tries to catch his breath.
    "We have to go to the hospital." JYP says and gets up.

    Celine Dion and Mingyu are sitting on a sofa together watching Shrek 3.
    "I actually prefer Shrek 2." Celine says.
    "Me too." he says.
    She smiles at him , but then her face looks concerned.
    "Is there something wrong?" he asks.
    "I am forced to marry a rich man called Psy, so we can't be together."
    His eyes widen in shock.
    "What, but I love you." he says.
    "I'm going to Canada with him with a ship called Titanic III."
    He feels a lump in his throat.
    "Please don't go, mon sirop d'érable."
    "I have to go." She says and then leaves him alone on the sofa.
    He starts crying in the empty room.
    "But I need money for a Shrek 4 DVD." He whispers to himself and sobs.

    Sigmund is lying on the hospital bed, while holding a lizard.
    "Why are you holding a lizard?" JYP asks him, while standing next to the bed.
    "That is our baby." he says.
    "You gave birth to a lizard?"
    JYP is JYShook.
    "Yes, when you are a ghost, you give birth to lizards." he says. "And what do you think we should name him, oppar?"
    "Yang Hyun Suk maybe."
    "Nah, let's call him Shrek."
    Then JYP smiles.
    "Shrek... It is a beautiful name that means 'love and life'"

    You and Tzuyu go for a walk at a park.
    "Why did you fall in love with me?" you ask.
    "Because you look so pretty." she responds.
    You blush.
    "Do you really think so?" you don't truly believe her.
    "Yes, I really find you pretty."
    Then you hold her hand.
    She puts the hand, that you're not holding, on your cheek.
    Her face gets closer to yours, until...
    You turn around and see Mingyu.
    "Mingyu, what are you doing here?" you ask.
    "Since when was your name Carat?" Tzuyu asks.
    "I'll explain that to you later." you tell her.
    "Carat, I want to date you."
    "Because Celine Dion is going to be on a ship called Titanic III and marry a rich man called Psy."
    "Sorry, Mingyu, but I'm dating Tzuyu now."
    He starts crying again.
    "What on earth am I supposed to do?" he asks, while sobbing.
    "Get on board on that ship and stop her from marrying him." you say.
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    AKP’s Resident Dispatch
    your oppas and unnies bed
    Omg lesbinin babies and wedding, hurry!,!
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