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    Seonghwa's abs
    The sequel no one asked for
    He Whispered To Me
    JYP holds your hand.
    "Why did you come to this place?" he asks.
    "I heard it was haunted by a ghost."
    "Oh, I remember when I was twerking while wearing a white speedo and then someone saw me and ran away, yelling 'GHOST!!!!'"
    "Why were you twerking while wearing a speedo?"
    "Because that is what I do every single saturday night."
    You don't think that he is like other men.
    "Mary Sue." he says.
    You are very confused by him mentioning a random woman's name.
    "Who is Mary Sue?"
    "That's your new name."
    "But I'm-"
    "Mary Sue." he interrupts. "Or would you rather be called Pineapple Pizza?"
    You look in horror, thinking of that horrible name.
    And thinking of how pineapples are the most evil fruits in the world.
    "No, call me Mary Sue."
    "And you can call me Daddy."

    And then all of a sudden, the ghost of Sigmund Freud appears behind JYP.
    "I freaking knew it." he says.
    "No way am I gonna call you daddy." you say.
    "You don't have to, but when you feel like it.... you can call me that."
    Then he puts his hand on your shoulder.
    His face is close to yours and you smell garlic coming from his mouth, as he exhales.
    Your heart feels like bursting.
    "Oh daddy..." you say, while your entire face turns into the colour of Alecia Beth Moore.

    part 3 coming soon.

    Things I'm thinking of adding in part 3 (or maybe later).
    • a love triangle between Sigmund Freud and JYP
    • a kissing scene (unless you would find that too uncomfortable)
    • Twice, Mingyu and Celine Dion making appearances
    • You and JYP adopting a lizard


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