He Whispered To Me part 10 : The Final Chapter| Tzuyu x You

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    He Whispered To Me
    The Final Chapter

    You wake up on your couch after having fainted.
    There is blood on the couch.
    You wonder why your fiancée bit you.

    Tzuyu walks into the living room.
    "Oh, you are awake now." she says.
    "Yup." you say.
    "And I'm sorry for biting you. I suddenly felt very thirsty."
    "It's okay." you say.
    "I can't wait for the wedding." she says with a smile.

    The next day, You are standing in the city hall next to a goose with a book in it's goose hand.
    You are wearing a lacy white mermaid style wedding dress with long sleeves.
    You are waiting for Tzuyu, excited to see how her wedding dress looks like.
    You look at some of your friends and family, that are sitting and watching the wedding.
    Yanan is wearing a white suit and is playing "Hold On To The Night" by Richard Marx on piano.
    Everyone gets goosebumps from the melody of that song, especially the goose. Except your cousin's co-worker, who thinks it sounds like a song from High School Musical.

    A door opens and Tzuyu walks in, wearing a white below-knee dress with white wings on the back, looking like Juliet from that 90's Romeo + Juliet movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
    Your jaw drops and your cheeks turn pink as you stare at her.
    You think she looks exactly like an angel and less like a vampire.
    She smiles at you and has tears in her eyes.
    You feel like you are dreaming.

    You stand next to each other in front of the goose.
    "Dearly beloved." the goose says. "We are gathered her today celebrate the union of Tzuyu and...." The goose pauses for the moment and then stares at the reader, who is reading this right now. "..You."
    You are probably shook right now by what I just said.
    "But let's listen to Twice perform 'As Long As You Love Me', and then 'What Is Love.'"
    Then 8 members of Twice get up from their seats and stand close to the piano, that Yanan is sitting at.
    He starts playing the intro of that Backstreet Boys song, and TWICE starts singing.
    You look at Tzuyu with a smile as she is watching them perform.
    You don't care about the fact that she bit your neck and sucked your blood as long as you love her.
    Then they start singing "What Is Love."

    After the performance, Jihyo tells both of you: "Good luck with your marriage." and then the members get back to their seats.
    "What a good performance by Twice." the goose says. "Now, Tzuyu. I ask you. Do you take her to be your wife?"
    She looks at you and smiles.
    "I do."
    Your heart feels like it is about to burst.
    "And... you, do you take Tzuyu to be your wife?"
    "Of course, I do."
    Tzuyu's cheeks turn as pink as Hyunjin's hair in the Back Door music video.
    "Now you may kiss."
    You look at her lips and grab her lower arm, before pressing your lips on hers.
    Both of you close your eyes.
    It feels like fireworks are exploding in your heart as you are enjoying the kiss.
    Now you are her wife and she is your wife.

    After the wedding, you and Tzuyu are outside the city hall holding hands.
    Then you see JYP wearing a black suit jacket and plastic pants.
    He walks towards you.
    "Hello." he says with a smile on his face.
    Tzuyu is looking at him with a frown on her face.
    "Get lost, you plastic pants weirdo." she says. "She is my wife now."
    "No, I'm just here to congratulate you on your wedding." and then he looks at you. "Congratulations."
    "Thank you." you say.
    "By the way, I need to whisper something into your ear." he leans his lips close to your ears.
    "I really don't hope he is going to tell you to get a divorce soon." she says.
    JYP whispers to you: "Even though I still have feelings for you, I want you and Tzuyu to be happy." Tears fall down from his eyes. "I hope that both of you are going to be together forever because I really want you to be happy." You hear him sobbing. "I'm letting you go now because I love you. And please..." he wipes his tears with his eyes. "Please love her more that I love you."
    You look at his face and see that his face has reddened from sadness.
    He sobs before he looks at both of you. "I hope both of you live happily ever after."
    Then he walks away.

    JYP walks inside that building again that used to be a cinema.
    He looks at all the movie posters inside.
    He then decides to watch a short film, that is 5 and a half minutes long.
    A short film about a man, who falls in love with a woman, but the woman loves someone else. In the end the woman gets married to an other person, and the man is forever alone.
    He starts thinking of your face that made his knee feel in a certain way.
    He remember wanting you to rest your head on his lap.
    But now he thinks that you might be resting on Tzuyu's lap instead.
    He heart breaks into pieces, making him fall down.
    The ghost of him gets out of his body that has died from sadness.
    "I loved her more than this building." He whispers to himself.

    The End​
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    Promoting all the groups
    Can't believe we've reached the series finale
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    choi beomgyu’s #1 fangirl
    This is literally art, are you a writer :eek: it was super good I can’t believe it’s finished :waterr:
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    I didn't put "Writer" as my occupation for nothing.
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