Gfriend TFTMN album review

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Your favorite track ?

  1. Time for the moon night

  2. Love bug

  3. Flower garden

  4. Tik Tik

  5. Bye

  6. You are my star

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  1. Taeri

    Taeri 'ㅅ'

    Mar 8, 2016
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    Intro :
    It’s nice and cozy .. very suitable to the whole theme ..

    Time for the Moon night :

    I love Eunha’s voice in the intro .. she toke my breath away and made me anticipate more from the next part .. but got disappointed a little .. I think the problem with this song is the line distribution .. I didn’t like it .. some members have strong vocals and some have sweet ones .. that’s why u feel during the song that there’s build ups but no peak .. kinda makes u nervous lol .. BUT surprisingly that’s what makes me listen to it again !!!!!
    Ikr !! MAGIC
    The bridge with YUJU is amazing .. i like the outro so much it’s nice how they ended it with a smooth finish..

    Love bug :

    It’s a really nice cheeky song .. I like the lines distribution here .. the rap parts are perfect

    Flower Garden :

    The intro is so so Gfriend lol .. Eunha slayed here .. omg her vocals.. BUT SIN B AND YERIN !!!! their parts were PERFECT !
    This is easily Eunha’s song

    Tik Tik

    Ok Umji ! That first line was good .. ok the rest of her parts are perfect lol .. I thought this song would be a cheeky track but it’s surprisingly so cute lol .. Eunha ending part was so perfect ..I like the 80s feels here

    Bye :

    Is a nice ballad track .. I really enjoyed it

    You are my star :

    Ah this song is very nice .. slow but not boring .. it has a nice beat that makes you sway along .. I really liked the chorus here and the parts they sing together .. Gfriend voice is so nice and to my favorite .. I liked Sin B here too .. she did well ..

    Album rating :
    All over all the album gets 8.5 / 10
    I really loved flower garden it’s my favorite track
    I liked the concept and how Gfriend kept their sound without being boring this time ..
    I liked the MV and choreo too .. as usual perfect ..
    I loved the album I recommend everyone to take a listen

    Share your opinion with me below : )))

  2. emanresu

    emanresu Icon

    Mar 21, 2016
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    Flower Garden is my favorite track as well.
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  3. SinBuddy116

    SinBuddy116 Trendsetter

    Aug 7, 2017
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    Buddy Gang
    Time for the moon night is so good...
    It makes me emotional though...
    Don't die eunha!! :waterr:
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