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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by partyfan2013, Apr 6, 2016.

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    Hello there everyone, i'm here to bring you a good game of truth or dare featuring all of our favorite K-Pop girl groups, ranging from Girls' Generation to SISTAR. Now of course everyone is welcome to join in and play along and have fun while at it, OK? Here are a couple rules that we should have no problem in following.

    If you pick truth, I will give you a fun and interesting question about either a certain girl group or just a individual girl group member. And yes, I will throw out a random assortment of choices with different girl group idols. Plus, of course you are welcome to be as honest as you can be while answering a question. Please let it be known that there are absolutely no liars in this game of truth or dare.
    If you pick dare, I will throw a fun, wild and crazy random dare and you really do have to do that exact dare as you have been told. And it's OK if you have to show proof in this thread if you have to. And that's because nobody here is forbidden to do so. So make sure that you're brave enough to do a dare and if you're scared to do it, that's OK, it's understandable because I won't tease you at all.

    Now be aware of the fact that these questions and dares could be either pure and innocent minded or just plain sexy, racy, raunchy and naughty. So please make sure that you're ready at any cost for whatever it will head your way. And also, I will refrain from giving out questions and dares that bash either girl groups or a certain and specific girl group idol. So please do not expect any of that on here anytime soon. Now that all of this is out of the way, I shall get the game started with a "truth" question. And of course, whoever posts in this thread first will be the lucky one to answer it. So here it goes.

    Which one of these sexy girl group idols do you honestly think that is the hottest flirt in K-Pop?
    TWICE's Momo, SISTAR's Bora, miss A's Min, Hello Venus' Lime, T-ara's Hyomin, Rainbow's Jisook, BESTie's Dahye or MAMAMOO's Hwa Sa?

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