Fun and funny thingz that happened during the 5th grade feild trip

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    • There was this one guy les call him M and he had a crush on a girl called N and some other guy who was his friend let’s call him T also had a crush on her. So M was sleeping and was having a dream and was talking in his sleep and said “N is mine, T has no chance” :angryr: then some guys who were sharing a room with him heard him and theme everybody knew:rolleyes:
    • My best friend was in the middle of the area (my class and the other 4th grade class we went with and the owners were the only ones at that place) and looked at her phone and just casually said “my dad is such a dumbass” (skssjls I don’t know the translation for that curse word) and then I was like o_O then some other guy, (who was also my crush at the time :oops:) low key laughed till he was crying and red like a tomato, cuz like the way she said it was funny

    • The first night me and 2 other of my friends couldn’t sleep so we stayed awake and it was past curfew and we saw some dudes in the room opposite through the window their lights were on and we could see shadows jumping (it was past curfew and lights were supposed to be off and they didn’t have an adult in their room) and at some point they got in trouble cuz one of the guys puked and some idiots put perfume but 2 of them were allergic so we begged the adult in our room (cuz we went outside with her since we were awake, and they were gonna send those two guys in other rooms) to let us send them since we were bored. Then after that we just played on my friend’s phone and I fell asleep from there so idk what happened after I fell asleep
    • My friend was having a date with my crush (but I didn’t really mind it) in front of the beach and we were watching them and my other friend just casually stuffed loads of sand in my cardigan pocket
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