Female BJ Ellin directly denies accusation of romance scam.

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    Female BJ Ellin directly denies accusation of romance scam.
    3 Nov 2019

    BJ Ellin (former member of girl group Crayon Pop) shared her stance about the suspicion of "romance scam".

    On November 3, via her personal AfreecaTV channel, Ellin talked about the suspicion of “romance scam” that broke out recently.

    First, Ellin expressed, "The reason for my delay in giving an explanation is because this is an unexpected situation, and I think that each of my words in articles posted on the online community is all important. So I needed some time to rearrange my thoughts, and I apologize for the late response. There was an article posting my explanation, but this is the first time I directly clarify this incident via broadcast. I want to talk about things that people are misunderstanding."


    Ellin said, "'A' stated that only the two of us traveled together but that wasn't true. I asked him to travel to Gapyeong with other BJs and then we got off with 8 BJs. I talked and ate grilled meat with them. I slept alone in my room. I absolutely have never traveled alone with 'A'."

    On the information that she introduced her parents to "A", Ellin explained, "My mother, aunt, and youngest brother visited Seoul. When I talked about this, he recommended his familiar hotel as in the message he gave. I suggested paying for the room but he stopped me and booked the hotel room for me. My brother also appeared in the broadcasts quite often. He said he wanted to meet him so he asked to meet us at the hotel. However, I and my brother waited for 2 or 3 hours and he still hadn't come. So when my mom and aunt went down, we had dinner together. When we were in the meal, 'A' came to the hotel and greeted my brother. At that time, my mom asked, 'Where are you going? Who is he?', then I introduced 'A' as a close senior. That took just several seconds and I had no intention to introduce 'A' to my parents."

    Regarding the "300-million-won present", Ellin said, "I've never received such a valuable gift." Then, she explained, "I've once got several presents, from small or big ones, worth around 10 million won. When reading that article, I asked him why it was up to 300 million won and got the answer, 'I think it does not seem to be 300 million won, but it will become the truth when it is written that way.' I've even never dared receive 300 million won. It's true that I've been presented with expensive gifts like shoes, bags but it's my fault for receiving them without thinking carefully." Besides, Ellin also publicized the content of the conversation claiming that she did get from 'A' an amount of 50 million won but she already returned it.

    She also explained about sending a photo of her legs to "A" during their conversation. Ellin shared, "If you look at the uploaded photo, you will see the picture was sent when I just got up in the morning. At that time, I just woke up with a bare face and a puppy was sitting on my belly. I snapped that scene and sent it to him. I didn't intentionally photograph my legs. If I really intended to flirt, then I would have captured my legs only, why did I have to get the puppy in the picture? I have had neither intent nor that thought. I save all the pictures I have sent. They are decent photos and I also posted them on SNS. If it was like the words he used to accuse me, then I should have sent sexier photos, right? The truth is totally not like that. I feel extremely unjust when people say that I have intentions with those images. Besides the photo of my legs, I have other pictures as well. Those are just simple photos and I absolutely didn't have any intents when sending them away."


    In addition, Ellin also explained about the "marriage" that "A" mentioned. She said, "I have never talked about things related to marriage. When I was in talks with him, I said '3 more years' or 'soul wedding' but I mentioned them with a playful tone. He also said that we had skinship but I didn't do that. Not even with a slight touch. It was just at the level of shoulder touch when eating out but 'A' claimed that was skinship."

    Ellen shared, "I have never let 'A' know my phone number and address. When seeing two phone numbers during the broadcast, 'A' asked, "When will you let me know your correct number?" and asked me for it. My address was accidentally revealed when he drove me home for the purpose of helping me carry heavy things."

    Finally, Ellin bowed her head and said, "It's true that 'A' helped me a lot at the time I started doing the live streaming work. So I relied on him many times. I feel extremely hurt and regretful when the situation became like this. Last month, when he confessed his love to me and got my refusal, he said 'I'll make your life turn back to how it used to be', making me feel scared and tired. I did not consider that person's feelings carefully. In the future, I will be more careful about my actions and words."

    OSEN = Reporter Jang Woo Young /elnino8919@osen.co.kr Photo = Screenshot of the broadcast
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    so is she giving back the $ to him just so this controversy will end?

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