Don't U Think This Article is Funny?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Zone' started by L_catzzz, Jul 13, 2019.

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    I felt funny when I read this article.


    It made me remember about all those scandals of Lee Byung Hun being blackmailed by that ex-GLAM member and a model, and him cheating his wife.
    Then all unknown/stranger people keep flocking the articles and telling LMJ what and what not to do, asking her to divorce him etc.

    And then there's this article saying how she is being stressed out or depressed with all these news around her.
    "A source close to Lee Min Jung told Dispatch, "It would be a lie to say that [Lee Min Jung] did not go through an emotionally difficult time... She wanted to avoid people's attention."

    and people start commenting that they pity her and she must be so stressed out bcoz of her husband & the cheating, etc. thought. LOL. She isn't stressed out bcoz of her husband cheating. She doesn't even mind it.

    Like she was right beside him when he's hugging & kissing some other women at the same freaking sofa.


    She stressed out bcoz u guys keep bothering her and telling her what to do i.e. divorce him etc.

    Like Ariana Grande have mentioned....

    "I'm coming at you, coz I know u got a bad reputation,
    Doesn't matter coz you give me temptation,
    And we don't gotta think 'bout nothing,
    These friends keep talking way too much,
    Saying I should give you up,
    Can't hear them, no, coz I,
    I've been here all night,
    I've been here all day,
    And boy, you got me walking side to side

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