Do you know these 10 idols ? Test yourself how good you are

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    Park Junhee-stan| Stan A.C.E stan talent!
    It is easy: I write something down and you have to imagine who it could be and than you can check the result if you got it right or not and than you can tell me how fare you came

    First person:

    • He is 25 years old
    • He has a brother
    • He debuted in 2017
    • He used to have braces as he debuted
    • He won on an episode of a Korean Entertainment show
    • He thinks for himself that he looks and sounds very sad
    • He participated in MIXNINE and won, but this never happend
    • He is a small bit savage towards his members, especially the leader
    • People sometimes ship him with the leader
    • On some photos he looks very dissapointed
    • He got somehow more atractive since his braces are out
    • He was in the army before he became a kpop-trainee
    • The group's maknae said he allways borrows the earrings of him (from the idol you have to guess)
    Lee Donghun aka. Donghun from A.C.E


    Second person:

    • He is 24 years old
    • He has a voice who dosn't matches his face
    • He has very thicc lips
    • He is a rapper
    • He is the leader of his group
    • He can speak Japanese
    • He used to be B1A4's backup dancer before he debuted
    • He is the mom of his group
    • He got eliminated at rank 49 in THE UNI+
    • He allways cooks for his members
    • He makes sure that everyone wakes up in the morning
    • Gets sometimes shiped with the maknae
    • He has an akward looking smile
    Lee Daekwang aka. Jian from IMFACT


    Third person:

    • He is 22 years old
    • He is the visuals of the group
    • He has an older sister
    • He was a trainee for 6 years before he debuted
    • He loves spicy food
    • He is a friend of Pentagon's Yeonone
    • He is goodin memorizing names of plants and won a competition in primary school about this
    • He stared in a web drama andhe acted in some other drama
    • He is a big fan of FTISLAND and his bias is Choi Minhwan plus he likes that he can meet his favourite idol like everyday

    Kim Seokwoo aka. Rowoon from SF9


    Fourth person:

    • He is 23 years old
    • He can speak Japanese and Chinese
    • He likes clothes and shoes a lot
    • He likes to design fashion and wishedhe could do all outfits for his group
    • He decided the stagenameof a memeber from his group
    • He designs the merch-clothing of the group
    • He got eliminated at rank 29 in MIXNINE
    • Heloves to watch movies
    • He hates spicy food
    • He likes woman who do their best
    Lee Chan-Yoon aka. E-Tion from ONF


    Fifth person:

    • He is 18 years old
    • He is the group's maknae
    • He is pure and innocent
    • He has 3 older brothers
    • He can play the guitar
    • He is christian
    • He has a extremly good body felxibility so he could easily fit into a suitcase
    • His favourite color is pink
    • He used to wear braces in the beginning
    • He is aleergic to seafood (fish, clum,...)
    • He almost didn't made it into his group
    • He likes to bully the older members
    Yoon Sanha aka. Sanha from Astro


    Sixth person:

    • He is 23 years old
    • He is the maknae of his group
    • He has an older sister
    • He dosn't sings
    • His members think he is the cutest of the group
    • Dosn't likes that one member of his group wants to be close to him and gets mad when this member wants to sleep in his bed
    • He likes sexy girls with a cute smile
    • He used to study art
    • His ears get red when he is shy
    • Bad at English but the best student of all by his teacher who is an fluently speaking member of his group
    Yoon Dowoon aka. Dowoon from Day6


    Seventh person:

    • He is 22 years old
    • He is the maknae in his group
    • He has an older brother
    • He can play the piano
    • He has an androgyn look
    • His hobby is swimming
    • His role model is Michael Jackson
    • He is a big fanof Lady Gaga
    • He owns a cat
    • He participated in Produce101 but failed
    Choi Minki aka. Ren from NU'EST


    Eight person:

    • He is 28 years old
    • He was in another BG before
    • He won a Korean survival show
    • He has an older brother
    • His childhood dream was to become the president of Korea
    • He owns 5 dogs
    • He likes graepfruits
    • His role models are Jay Park and Gikwang from Highlight
    • He is a childhoodfriend of Lee Geon (ex. MADTOWN)
    • He colects empty chips bags and owns allreadymore than 100
    • He thinks his charming point are his wrinkles
    Park Daewon aka. Daewon from UNB / ex. MADTOWN


    Ninth person:

    • He is 34 years old
    • He has an younger brother
    • His mom changed his real name
    • He randomly owns an English name for no reason
    • He had to stay in the hospital after he ran 70km for a charity event
    • He is christian
    • He owned 2 dogs
    • He went to the army from 2013 to 2015
    • He has small hands
    • I moves a lot while speeling and even often wants to change the bed in nights (mostly in hotels)
    Kim Jong Hoon aka. Yesung from Super Junior


    Tenth person:

    • He is 22 years old
    • He is Japanese
    • His favourite musicians are the Japanese band ONE OK ROCK
    • He has a thin waist
    • He hates to be lazy
    • He likes to play soccer
    • He is the all arounder in his group
    • His favourite food are Watermelon, fried rice and Takoyaki
    • He loves girls with short hair
    Nakamoto Yuta aka. Yuta from NCT

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    I only got Ren, Yesung and Yuta. To be honest, those are the only ones I know too...
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    Loving Chuu
    I only got ren I'm such a flop
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    Being a delulu MeU
    Urrrrrgggghhhhh. School. I mean school.
    I only got Yesung and Yuta:sweatr:
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    SHINee World
    I only got Rowon, Yuta and Yesung (Yessex)
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    Stan Loona
    Make a female version, I have no chance with male idols :sweatr:
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    i have zero points
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