Day by Day, Jennie x Jisoo

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    Chapter 1 - Kim Jisoo

    Kim Jisoo took a deep breath as she walked down the pavement road of the street that YG Entertainment was on.

    Is this a dream? Or is this reality? she thought to herself as she stared at the imposing building. She mulled a bit more before laughing. Of course this is real, stop being nervous and concentrate, Jisoo!

    Today was the day of the auditions. She couldn't afford to be nervous. Her audition song was prepared. Her makeup and appearance were immaculate. Her confidence in herself was...was...

    "Unshakable," she whispered to herself as she stepped into the parking lot in front of the entrance. She stopped. She stared hard at the door, as a group of female teenagers walked through together. Another deep breath. In...out. That was enough waiting now. She was ready, she had to be.

    As she stepped into the cool, air-conditioned room, the first thing she saw was a big sign on a booth reading "YG Auditions". The next thing she saw was a long lineup of people leading up to the two receptionists at the front of the booth. Looks like everyone else had the same idea of arriving 10 minutes early... she thought as she sighed.

    She took the spot in the back of the lineup. "There sure are a lot of people here," said the stranger in front of her, turning back to look at her.

    "Yeah, I thought I'd have an advantage because I got here early, but looks like everyone had the same idea as me..." Jisoo laughed. "I'm Kim Jisoo. Nice to meet you," she said, shaking the hand of the other girl. Her grip was slightly firm, but not too forceful.

    "I'm Kim Jennie. Nice to meet you too," said Jennie, smiling. "I'm auditioning as a vocalist...what about you?"

    "Oh, so am I. I guess we must have a lot of competition." Jisoo felt a little bit nervous again as she said the words.

    "Well, we're competing too. But we aren't enemies or anything like that, we're just all here to do our best..." Jennie said cheesily. "Or something like that, haha."

    "True...ahaha..." Jisoo laughed uneasily. "I'm a little bit nervous," she admitted.

    "I think everyone is. Just remember how hard you worked to practice, and how much effort you have put in. You're as ready as you can be."

    " me, I just remembered I have to check something," said Jisoo, taking out her phone.

    Does she not like me? thought Jennie feeling like she was being ignored.

    Meanwhile, Jisoo opened her messages and looked at the recent texts from her friends.

    "Best of luck, fighting Jisoo!"

    "Good luck, I'll be praying for you (LOL)"

    "You've got this! You're awesome!"

    And from her parents, two new messages.

    "Me and your dad are in full support of you, love you and good luck Jisoo!"

    "Whatever happens, don't forget we love you and we believe in you!"

    What do you mean "whatever happens..."
    She smiled before tucking her phone away. I have to succeed. I must win. Come on Jisoo, you were born to do this.

    The stranger in front of her had turned back around and was looking at her phone. The lineup still had a while to go...

    15 minutes later, Jisoo was finally at the front of the lineup. She followed the receptionists' instructions, filling out a form of her contact information, and was finally directed to wait in one of the practice studios. There were about twenty other people there, male and female. Young teenagers and young adults.

    Many people were warming up, or doing one last run-through of their auditions. Jisoo started to do her own vocal warm-ups, closing her eyes to focus on her own voice amidst the crowd. The time seemed to pass in an instant. She had only been singing for a few minutes before she heard the door open again. She opened her eyes and looked at the staff member. Now? Is it starting now?

    "Hello everyone, the judges and Yang Hyunsuk will be here in about 15 more minutes," he said before ducking back out, shutting the door. Just like that, everyone continued practicing. Jisoo sang her entire audition song, standing up, two more times before deciding it was enough. She stretched her body before sitting back down. She was feeling a little bit thirsty all of a sudden. It must have been because of nerves. She went outside to find the indoor water fountain, and drank the water. As she turned around, she was shocked to bump into Jennie again.

    "Eyah!" Jisoo yelled in surprise.

    "Sorry," said Jennie, covering her mouth in a bit of laughter. "I didn't think I would scare you."

    "No, it's okay...even though you terrified me..." Jisoo moved out of the way as Jennie drank from the water fountain. "I need to go back soon, my group is starting in a few minutes."

    "Oh. Good luck!" Jennie said, swallowing the last bit of water.

    "Thanks, good luck to you too!" Jisoo said before heading back.

    Hmmm, maybe I just misunderstood earlier, thought Jennie, also heading back to her own group's audition room.

    Jisoo got back to the room. Everyone seemed to be aware that the time was coming up, as more people were sitting down doing nothing, or spacing out, than before. She decided to look at her phone front-view camera and see if she needed to fix her hair. Just before she could, the door opened again, and this time it was a big group of YG Entertainment staff members, and Yang Hyunsuk himself!

    Everyone stood up and bowed to greet the people arriving. After the auditionees had sat down on benches at the side of the room, and the staff were all in chairs, YH said "Alright, let's begin. Na Mijoo?"

    The first person went up and did their audition. It repeated, two times, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8- then it was finally Jisoo's turn. She went to the middle of the room and introduced herself. She was clasping her hands tightly in front of her.

    "Are you a little nervous today?" asked Y-H-S, smiling approachably, which he had also done with some of the other auditionees.

    "A, a little bit...yes, I'm nervous...I'll still do my best though!" responded Jisoo.

    "Show us what you have prepared then," said Yangyang hyunsuk.

    Jisoo started the song's instrumental on her phone. The sound of the soft string instruments began to cascade through the room. Here is the moment that will change your life...
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    Squirting Hyunrin's Sweat Clean
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    Good job but....
    "asked Y-H-S, smiling approachably"
    That part is creepy, I can figure a slimy smile, not an approachable one... ;):D
    He's a snake after all. :cool:
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    I really liked it, you characterized Jisoo and Jennie pretty well

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