[Confirmed] Izurina & Aom to transfer to CGM48, Izurina to become general manager

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    CGM48 We Need You Jao

    Niky & Fifa on stage singing "Lao Duang Dean"

    - After getting a good feedback from fans in Chiang Mai in every event, So they start interesting to create CGM48.
    - CGM48 is going to based in Chiang Mai.
    - Colour of CGM48 is mint leaf represent forestia in Chiang Mai.
    - CGM48 Facebook official fan page are already passed 100,000 likes.
    - Right now they got application form around 3,500, split by age of applicant.
    12-14 yos [~1750]
    15-17 yos [~1100]
    18-20 yos [~450]
    21-22 yos [~200]
    and They have a form from foreigner around 100.
    - Aom and Izurina are going to transfer to CGM48.
    - and Izurina is a new shihinin(Group Manager) of CGM48!!!.
    - while Aom is going to be CGM48 Captain.
    - First song is going to be CGM48

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