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    For these rules, we will also be taking into consideration previous comeback threads that have been made by users in the past. If you notice that a user isn’t following these rules, please report it or pm a mod about it!

    1. All comeback threads can only be made when there is an official announcement of the comeback (company announcements/tweets will be sufficient).

    2.This section is for comeback threads ONLY. All other threads will be moved to their appropriate sections.

    3. Comeback threads can be pinned 2 weeks before the comeback and 1 week after to avoid clutter. PM a mod or or ask in the ASK A STAFF MEMBER thread to have it pinned.

    4. For this section in particular, only Korean comebacks will be pinned. You can ask for Jpop or Cpop threads to be pinned in their appropriate sections.

    5. We would prefer if the user who choose to make the comeback thread and becomes OP would stay active so it can be updated rightfully. You will get 2 chances for this rule and after that you won’t be able to make comeback threads anymore.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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