BUCK-TICK 「Atom Miraiha No.9」 2016.09.28!

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    BUCK-TICK brings the 20th album with 13 tracks total, including the singles "New World" :annoyedr:

    ALBUM 『アトム 未来派 No.9』
    September 28, 2016 Release
    ■ Limited Edition A (SHM-CD + Bonus Blu-ray)
    VIZL-1041 ¥ 5,980 (TAX OUT)
    ■ Limited Edition B (SHM-CD + Bonus DVD)
    VIZL-1042 ¥ 5,480 (TAX OUT)
    ■ Regular Edition CD
    VICL-64629 ¥ 3,000 (TAX OUT)
    [CD songs]
    All 13 songs planned, including the single "New World" (9/21 will be released)

    [First Press Limited Edition privilege] (First Press Limited Edition A / B )
    1) Luxury special package design
    2) Full 48 page booklet
    3) Blu-ray / DVD: lead single "New World" MUSIC VIDEO recording
    4) SHM-CD format (high-quality CD that can be played on all CD players) **
    5) Lottery gift application postcard enclosed
    6) A coupon to download high-resolution version of the track "New World"

    **This is a "PlayPASS" compatible product, which enables you to listen to and view the contents on a mobile device in addition to CD, DVD, and Blu-ray players. The record company has designed and optimized "PlayPASS" for the market within Japan and registration at "PLayPASS" site (https://playpass.jp/) available only in Japanese language, is required.
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