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    So a peculiar thing I've noticed over my 1.5 years on this forum.

    People are deathly afraid of being perceived as superficial.

    They go through extraordinary lengths to ward off perceptions of superficiality.

    Like it's the plague.

    I can't tell you how many times the following disclaimer prefaces a given thread or post.

    I don't stan because of visuals...

    I care only about the music...

    Of course visuals are secondary to me....

    Of course the most important thing is music...

    It seems there is a noticeable self-imposed requirement that one "qualify" one's enjoyment of whatever it is, to make sure it's explicitly known that one's enjoyment is not primarily motivated by an appreciation of beauty.

    I mean I get it.

    One should aspire to see more than superficial beauty.

    To view something only skin deep is to ignore the larger part of what gives them value.

    To only assess physical beauty is to inhabit an existence that is only half realized. One lacking the substance that provides real fulfillment.

    But yet....

    Beauty is central to our being.

    The aesthetic provides the motivation for literature, for art, for fashion, and culture.

    I see it as a natural part of what makes us human.

    Of course we shouldn't only focus on aesthetic beauty.

    But on the other hand why would we ignore it. Or be ashamed of enjoying it.

    I for one am not ashamed of stating a large part of what draws me to various idols and groups within kpop is aesthetic appeal. I find them pretty.

    That is of course not the entirety of it. There are a multitude of other motivations for my involvement, the music included.

    But beauty nonetheless remains a central motivator.

    I don't see that as something to be ashamed of.

    It remains a valid way in which we relate to and enjoy our world, in this case, kpop.

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  2. Meloverse

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    ☾ Universe // Byulharang ☆
    I for one, agree with this.

    I'm not afraid to say that visuals and charm are one of the most important factors when deciding which groups I'd like to follow. It's so much easier to be drawn to an idol I find attractive and it makes me more interested. I don't see why other people find it superficial or wrong to be interested in the visual parts of kpop - after all this is a beauty centric industry and it is human nature.
  3. Coelacanth

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    I get what you're saying! Certainly, I think visual elements are a valid reason to appreciate Kpop, just as they're a valid reason to appreciate any other artistic medium. That said, I tend to avoid discussing the appearances of idols -- not because I'm afraid of being superficial, but because I don't like how some of those conversations go down.

    Comparisons are inevitable when discussing Kpop, and they come up all the time. Who's the best dancer? Who's the best rapper? What's the best rookie group? All interesting things to consider, but I'm sure you've seen how a lot of such threads end up: competitiveness; fandom wars; the belittling of other peoples' faves. And when the topic on the table is idols' appearances -- idols who are still, first and foremost, human beings -- that kind of thing feels especially unpleasant.

    I don't like seeing someone rate another person as "4/10;" that's a much more hurtful and dehumanizing assessment than saying someone could improve their rapping. Watching people body-shame idols "in defense" of their own favorites makes me a little queasy. Y'know what I'm saying? It's not about superficiality; it's about a discomfort with overpersonal and overcritical analyses of other peoples' looks. Especially considering how many female idols have struggled with body image issues and even anorexia as a result of online comments.

    I agree with basically everything in your post, OP :) You're totally right -- aesthetics are a vital part of the human experience, and something I appreciate just as much as anyone else. Certainly, there are idols who strike me as especially beautiful, and I don't think there's anything wrong with sharing those kinds of positive thoughts. So this isn't at all a criticism of, or a disagreement with, your point -- which I feel is spot-on -- but an extension of it, and a commentary: not everyone is hesitant to discuss beauty because they don't want to be superficial. Some people are just reluctant to engage with a toxic culture that hyper-scrutinizes the appearances of women, often to their detriment.
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    Derp Queen
    i mean for kpop is very visual especially concept wise, it relies heavily on the beauty aspect especially if its being catered to a particular audience,
    i'm a spoil sport in that sense since generally i'm not interested in the beauty of idol (or beauty in general) as i don't really have the attention span to be looking at people faces unless i want to over analyse them, but i do like the styling of a person here and there (but strangely not attracted to person themselves, there's exceptions here and there but not many), but i'm not heavily into kpop's visual aspects. I find myself always being surprised and forgetting what people look like (unless i've seen them enough times)

    i think its fine to appreciate the beauty in kpop, like fuck they don't go all out for concepts and shit for nothing.

    low key forgot what you were saying in this thread so not sure if this makes sense xD work was very long today -_-
  5. emanresu

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    Thank you for the detailed response.

    Also this particular aspect is one my OP did not take into consideration.

    Thanks for adding that perspective as it's a valid one I did not initially consider.

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  6. Elliah

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    I'm not ashamed to say I care a far amount about visuals. Kpop focus a lot on beauty, and that's not weird, it's understandable. I mean they even official positions called "visual". People like looking at good looking people, that's just how it is. Obviously it's not all that matters, but it definitely matters quite a bit, especially when it comes to idols who want to build interest from the public and a fan base.

    I love my biases for so many reasons (personalities and how they act, talents, laughs, charisma, humor, friendships... so much), but a big part of what attracted me to them in the first place was visuals. It's not what I care the most about now, but it was a part of what made me interested the first time I watched them.

    Also something that kind of goes a long with their visuals - charisma and facial expressions are super important in a performer.

    Though I need to say, our society definitely puts a lot of pressure on people and it's not healthy. There's a lot to say about this but I don't want to get into it because it's a lot and I've already written too much lol
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