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    Welcome to the Allkpop FAQ thread.
    Please read this thread before posting anything in the "Ask a Staff Member" thread.

    If you have any commonly asked questions you would like to suggest that we add to this list, please message it to a staff member :)

    Q - Someone is harassing me in the comments section in an Allkpop article. How do I report them?

    You can click on the report button underneath the comment you wish to report. Please do not contact moderators on the forum or report forum user profiles, as we are separate and moderators on the forum have no control at all over comments made on the articles.
    Q - I'm not sure about some of the rules on the forum. Where can I see the list of rules?
    On the Allkpop Forum Rules thread. It's recommended that all users read the rules thread, as being unaware of a rule is not an excuse for breaking it. Any major updates will be broadcast across the forum.
    Q - How do I change my username?
    You cannot change your original username on allkpop forums.
    Q - How do I delete my account?
    You cannot delete your account and we cannot permanently ban it for you. You can just stop using it though if you would like.
    Q - How do I change my email address registered to my account?
    You cannot change the email address registered to your account on allkpop forums.
    Q - How do I change my display/profile picture and my signature picture?
    Have a look at the forum guide thread for instructions.
    Q - Am I allowed to use more than one account?
    Yes. Due to restrictions on changing usernames, we are ok with anyone using more than one account. Just don't go crazy and make dozens of accounts.
    Q - My birth date and/or year are incorrect. How do I change them?
    Head over to this thread and post the correct details and an administrator will eventually get to it (due to low number of administrator staff this process may take a while, so please be patient).

    Q - I just created an account and I can't start a new thread or start a PM conversation. What's the problem?
    To be able to post a new thread or start a PM conversation with another member, users must have made 15 comments on pre-existing threads and then wait up to a couple of hours for the system to grant you privileges for start threads. More information can be found on this here.

    Q - I have a problem with another user on the forum. What can I do about it?
    Report the comment from that user that you have a problem with so that staff members can view it and decide if it breaks any rules. Don't take matters into your own hands and start fights with other users.

    Q - How do I know if a user is banned?
    If you try to tag them in a message by typing @(their name) their username won't pop up as an option to select.

    Q - How do I see my warning points?
    There is an issue with the warning points system right now so if you would like to know the details about any warning points you might have (eg - the number, the expiration date etc.) then just PM a staff member and ask them to tell you.

    Q - How do I insert images, change text colour/size/font, ember twitter posts/tumblr posts/youtube videos or edit my comments on the forum?
    Have a look at the forum guide thread for instructions. It will show you how to do those things and many more.

    Q - How do I start a PM conversation or use any other forum features?
    Have a look at the forum guide thread for instructions, including images of what to do. Similarly to starting new thread, you must have made at least 15 comments on pre-existing threads before you are able to initiate PM conversations.

    Q - I am having a technical issue with something or have found a bug on the forum. What do I do and who do I contact?
    Moderator staff are unable to help with technical issues or bugs other than to provide advice, so please start a PM conversation with an administrator and let them know about your issue. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Q - My question wasn't listed here and I still need answers. Where can I go to ask?
    Come and visit us in the Ask a Staff Member Thread to ask other questions :)
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