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    In a post on the Rainbows in Asia Music Festival’s (RAMF) Facebook page, the CEO of Phil Kor 301 and the Korean promoter of the event, announced on Wednesday that the dubbed super concert will be postponed. This sent waves of shock and disappointment to Filipino kpop fans as the announcement was made 3 days before the supposed concert date on September 22nd. The promoter cited internal problems within the organization as reason for the postponement. The post did not provide a new date but directed fans to contact Ticketworld for refunds instructions.

    Disappointed fans flooded social media with their complaints and frustration on how the event was handled. This is a highly anticipated concert as it promised a powerhouse lineup of performers such as Winner, Mamamoo, AB6IX, Park Bom, Oh My Girl and Kriesha Chiu, and popular MCs Sandara Park and Ryan Bang. Fan groups also organized events and ticketing/logistics assistance to other fans, especially since this is the first time for some of them to watch their idols live on stage in Philippine shores. Fans from the provinces and even from neighbouring countries also booked flights and hotels to Manila for a chance to see their idols.
    Controversy hounded the event since day one. Many raised doubts on the legitimacy of the concert when it was announced on August 27th, less than a month before the event date.

    Excited fans asked for more information such as local promoters, ticketing date and ticket prices and assurance that the event will push through. Ripples of excitement spread out as the artist themselves started posting on their SNS accounts about the concert, inviting fans to come see them at the Philippine Arena. Teasers of the stage design and layout were also published, increasing anticipation among kpop fans.

    The first wave of disappointment came when the ticketing date was announced the day before tickets are released online and in outlets. Fans complained that there is too little lead time, considering tickets prices are not cheap and some fans are students or employees that needed time to come up with funds. Usually, event and ticketing dates are announced months in advance to allow patrons to save the date and their budget, given the steep prices of concert tickets in the Philippines.

    Fans also complained that there seems to be no local promoter that is organizing promotions and entertaining questions on the event. A certain @Cathy_VI surfaced on twitter and allegedly claimed she is the local liaison with the Korean promoters. She also claimed that the organizers are a Korean company and TV Chosun, a reputable South Korean broadcast company.


    Cathy then started corresponding with fans about fan projects and promotions for the event. She started sharing information such as the ocular to be conducted by their Korean partners (which is after they already started selling tickets) and assured fans that the concert will push through.

    Fans complained as well about the way she corresponds with fans who raised doubts, raising more doubts on the professionalism of the organizers behind the event.
    After the postponement was announced, Cathy deactivated her twitter. Fans are left to lament about the cost of the transportation and accommodation they have incurred, especially those who are coming from provinces. Many also ranted about the lack of empathy and acknowledgment for fan sentiments. #RAMFSCAM started trending on twitter as droves of disappointed fans lashed out against the organizers.
    Two main questions are on fans’ minds: Where is Cathy and what exactly is Phil Kor 301? From previous promo materials, TV Chosun was named as the organizer of the event and the first time people heard about Phil Kor 301 is when the supposed CEO announced the cancellation of RAMF last night.
    Kpop fans are no stranger to disappointments due to last minute event cancellations, such as the Golden Disk Awards scheduled for January 2018 and the July 2019 TVXQ concert. Many also remembered the disorganization experienced during the Blackpink Shopee event earlier this year. It is understandable that we demand better treatment and proper planning for our idol’s events as we spend our hard-earned money and invest much time and emotions so we can enjoy kpop and kdrama events in our country. We hope that the organizers come forward and work out a new concert date for legions of disappointed and heartbroken fans.

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    I feel sorry for the fans! Hope they can get justice for this! :(

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