2016 Idol Earnings - who is on the Top

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    2016 Idol Earnings!
    February 26, 2017 by Black Gekikara


    Redone and Translated from the original Magazine article for your comprehension (see after the break for the original scans), here be your answer, to all those who are wondering why girls are still auditioning for the Yasusu Movement!

    That right there is the money earning rankings for all Idols in Japan for last year and 10 of the Top 11 earners on that list are all from Team Yasusu!

    Now, I am not sure on what basis exactly is this being evaluated but the results are very surprising indeed! Only 10 million difference between Yukirin and Sashiko?! Like, how?! What did Yukirin do last year other than her tour and Majisuka Play compared to all the TV shows, all those HKT tours that Sashiko was in! Seriously, every single day until this very moment whenever you go on these sites to grab your vids, there is like 80% of files with Sashihara Rino in the title!

    Girls from other groups who have been appearing in Dramas and Movies are not even in the top 20! Like, I don’t even know what is going on but I am happy for Yukirin. Evidence suggests that it is because of Yukirin TIME but many other girls do radio shows regularly as well so…

    Either way, I am happy for her, and the Team Yasusu girls! See kids, hard work and patience pays. Hang in there and you shall be rewarded in the long run.

    Anyway, saw this yesterday searching for some daily Yukirin bread and found it quite interesting, in more ways than one, like how low last year’s earnings were compared to 2014 where the 11th ranker (who was actually Matsui Rena), earned more than Sashiko did last year!

    Jump over for the scans and have a lovely day you all…

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    source: https://yurigoggles.com/2017/02/26/2016-idol-earnings/#more-102887

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    Interesting. I guess it goes hand in hand with the general comparison fanwars, to compare earnings. Differences within groups are maybe endorsements?

    I wish I knew what the earnings were of some of the bigger all-girl pop/rock acts.

    Koda Kumi
    Gacharic Spin
    Mary's Blood

    I would image the top 3 above are pretty well off.

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