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Korean grandpa in Brazil learns how to use Instagram for his grandchildren and becomes a star

By KpopJoA   Thursday, October 5, 2017   11,909   235   27



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A Korean grandpa from Brazil has reached over 300,000 followers on Instagram after posting drawings for his dear grandchildren, moving many hearts.

On October 3, KBS 'News 9' introduced the 'Instagram Star' grandpa Lee Chan Jae (75) going on a trip to Galapagos with National Geographic.

The global documentary channel decided to invite him on board as he will be drawing for the Galapagos travel book set to be published early next year.

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Beginning in 2015, Lee Chan Jae took the time to post his drawings on social media.  The reason was that he missed his beloved grandchildren.  Migrating to Brazil with his wife from Korea 36 years ago, he raised both his son and daughter there.

He was delighted to see each of their grandchildren as they became the apple of his eye. Due to unfortunate circumstances, however, he wasn't able to see his grandchildren as often, which only made him long for them more.

Two out of the three grandchildren moved to Korea, while one grandchild went on to live in New York, so they weren't able to see one another frequently.

Soon, Lee thought "I won't be by these children's' side much longer."  He then decided to interact with them via social media. Grandpa Lee did not know how to send a simple email but managed to learn how to use Instagram all by himself.

He then filled up his page with numerous memorable watercolor artworks, spending quality time with his family, sketching out a total of 640 beautiful landscapes and creative images.  Hoping to capture each precious moment on canvas paper.

While he painted, his wife wrote words in Korean as his own kids translated them into English and Portuguese.

With that being all said, grandpa Lee is looking forward to returning to his homeland Korea after 36 long years this fall. 

You can follow him on Instagram here (@drawings_for_my_grandchildren).

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