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6 unexpected reasons why South Korea is an awesome place to live in

By beansss   Friday, October 6, 2017   31,945   6,048   121



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One nickname Koreans use to refer to their homeland is "Hell-Joseon", combining the historical name for South Korea with the word "hell". Still, many Koreans find it difficult to imagine living in a country other than their own, with limitations like language barriers, cultural differences, and more to name a few reasons why leaving one's native land can be a challenge

While Koreans may find several aspects of their country problematic (since nothing is ever perfect), what are some aspects of Korea they like? What are a few things that make South Korea an ideal place to live in?

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1. Public Security

'Night life' is prominent in many parts of South Korea, particularly in urban cities. This is one reason why Koreans can mange to walk home at night past midnight with their headphones in, because many buildings in cities and streets still have bright lights on until the sun comes up. Korea also lacks large-scale criminal organizations - another contributor to general public safety.

2. Night Life

As mentioned before, night life is something that can't be left out when one mentions Korea. Just as many people walk around the streets and cities of Korea at night as they do in the day. A huge number of restaurants, cafes, marts, vendors, etc. remain open in Korea 24 hours a day. 

3. Outside Most Natural Disaster Zones

Compared to its neighbor Japan, South Korea experiences very little threats from earthquakes and tsunamis. The country is also out of range from tropical storms and tornados, often seen in North America. 

4. Health Insurance

Did you know that South Korea boasts a well-established health insurance system? Compared to other countries, Koreans can seek out cost efficient treatments from a well-practiced doctor for most diseases and illnesses, unless one suffers from a very rare disease.

5. Half Day Travel

You can travel anywhere within the country of Korea in half a day. Yes, this is true because it is such a small country, but the nation's speedy transportation systems also play a part. People can choose the fastest route via KTX, or opt for trains, boats, buses, and of course, the plane, for a one-day trip anywhere.

6. Fastest Internet in the World

Of course! South Korea has the fastest internet in the world. Normal people expect to be able to download 10MB worth of data per second, but the word 'buffering' is considered an obsolete word in the Korean vocabulary. It's this super fast access to all sorts of entertainment, that has most likely sparked the boom of K-pop globally.

What do you think? Would you give living in Korea a shot after going through these 6 points?

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