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Mourners alarmed after discovering a high schooler's body in their 94-year-old grandma's coffin

By KpopJoA   Thursday, July 13, 2017   64,158   168   15



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A puzzling incident occurred at a funeral home in the city of Jeonju on the morning of July 13.

After completing the funeral proceedings around 8 a.m. for a deceased 94-year-old grandmother known as Kim, the family in mourning arrived at the cremation center only to find that the casket had another person's name written on it.

The family contacted the funeral home and requested for confirmation, and was told that a different casket was delivered to the facility due to miscommunication. After the mishap, they delivered the casket with the proper name. 

Although the family was furious, the family head towards the cremation site with the casket belonging to grandmother Kim.

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However, upon arrival, the family discovered something even more shocking.  They found out that instead of their grandmother, a high school boy was laying inside the casket.

The family then took action to blame it on the funeral home employees when they responded, "It appears the names have been switched."

One family member exclaimed, "After the wake processions were finished yesterday, I wrote down my grandmother's name on the coffin. But with the bodies being swapped, doesn't that mean the funeral home moved the corpses on their own?"

The funeral home explained, "Originally, the name was written on the coffin after confirming it was present at the wake. However, the two names were already written on the caskets, which led to the confusion. The grandmother was inside the student's casket while the student was placed inside the grandmother's coffin. It was a mistake on our end. We sincerely apologize."

Nonetheless, it was revealed that both grandmother Kim and the high school student were properly laid to rest after their funeral sessions. Both sides of the mourning families are looking to discuss and take legal action against the funeral home.

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