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Child loses eyesight and has testicles ruptured after being abused

By KpopJoA   Wednesday, July 19, 2017   60,132   342   108



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A recent case of a child receiving treatment at the hospital after being brutally beaten by his mother's boyfriend whom he referred to as 'uncle' is stirring up much commotion.

Good Neighbors shared a story of 5-year-old Jiho who lost his eyesight as well as having his testicles ruptured after receiving an extensive amount of blows to the face and body.

Beginning in July 2016, Jiho was abused by his mother's boyfriend known as 'A' over the course of 3 months until October.

While Jiho was watching TV, 'A' punched the back of the child's head as well as beating his stomach and liver area with both fists tightly clenched together, ultimately causing irreversible damage.

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A couple of days later, Jiho's eyes were pierced which led to the bone near his eye to cave in, leading to vision loss.

In addition, when Jiho returned home after being treated at the hospital, 'A' claimed he would put an ice pack over the child's injuries when Jiho suddenly winced.  He then hit the lower part of the toddler's stomach, causing his testicles to rupture.

The abuse did not stop from there.  Both of Jiho's arms, legs, rib area, and parts of his skull were broken.

Upon first discovering the child's state, the doctor described the gruesome scene, "Mr. A's body was strongly reeking of blood. It was one of the most shocking and disturbing cases I witnessed. It was such a horrible thing for a child to endure."

Good Neighbors stated, "The safest place for Jiho right now is the hospital.  He calls out for the doctors more often than his own mother."

They added, "He will be under intensive care for a while and undergoing various tests.  We ask that many people would reach out to such hurting children under harsh living conditions like Jiho and hope to end child abuse once and for all in this country."

Starting from 2015, child abuse has been continuously increasing with over 11,715 cases and pleaded to report serious incidents to the police.

You can visit the campaign to support Jiho here.

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