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Nurse writes an emotional letter after witnessing the death of a patient

By KpopJoA   Wednesday, March 22, 2017   24,699   183   7



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"I did not become a nurse in order to save lives so that I can put food on the table, rather I became a nurse so that I can save you."

A nurse working as an intern recently left a short but impactful letter after witnessing a patient's death right before her very eyes.

On March 19, revealing she was an intern nurse working at a hospital, the intern posted a hand-written letter on an online community board which has since gone viral.

The letter dated March 17 read, "To all the family, friends, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers out there," addressing all the fellow patients in general.

She continued, "Today I witnessed your death...  While your body was lying unconscious, I prayed listening to the sound of your beating heart, struggling to fight death.  That you would win the battle and leave the hospital with a smile on your face."

Unfortunately, the patient didn't make it.  The intern went on, "I was sorry. I was sad.  Despite being an intern, I was foremost a nurse and I just stood there like a log unable to do anything while you fought until your last breath. It makes me feel so shameful looking back."

Seeing the lifeless body of the patient being wheeled out of the room, the intern made a promise to herself.  The promise was not to be a nurse who saves lives so she can live herself, but to be a nurse who can truly save lives, emphasizing the importance of life and death.

The intern then reminisced on a good memory she had with the patient, "When I was on the way out after completing my shift, the only thing that comforted my exhausted body was your kind words of encouragement and a yogurt."

Lastly, she closed with, "As I get ready for work today, I pray... That you would go to the hospital at ease."

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lechuga Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Thank you to all nurses for picking this career. Encountered a lot of caring nurses who treat patients (and me) as if family. Could see the exhaustion in your eyes, so thank you.

cmerle1 Friday, March 24, 2017

As a nurse myself for almost 25 years, I can definitely sympathize with her. That's the worst part of the job, having to watch someone die. Then having to take them to the morgue is so depressing. Unfortunately, it's part of the job. But I can relate to her feelings.

NORM Thursday, March 23, 2017

This is a touching letter but i feel someone should tell her that, as medical professionals, there ARE times when they CANT do anything to stop death even with all their knowledge & Its PERFECTLY FINE. You arent Gods. Life & Death go hand in hand...She sounds like a good nurse, bless her.

Winston Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I worked in a hospital as a non-medical staff for 2 years, so i see people passing away in the middle of the night and the one "department" my colleagues hate to go into was the "Mortuary", rows of "fridge" and i dun want to know how many is "filled". its hard for her, but i think if she is going to be a full-time nurse (she is an intern now) she has to learn to handle the emotions that comes with life and death, as even doctors cant save everyone.

jyu219 Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Please send me kindly condolence to the family. It comes with the territory working as nurse or doctor seeing someone passed away everyday in the hospital. My dad passed away back in Sept fighting with cancer. It was one of the worst feeling ever just sitting there watching him going through pain internally and externally. But I am positive he's at better place without any type of worries, stress or pain. To the lovely and caring Intern Nurse, The minute you start your shift, just try your best making someone smile by showing your kindness. God will use their immortal power healing that patients for you. God Bless you!

Whoooo Wednesday, March 22, 2017

wow the letter sounds a lot like a poem... its so beautiful T.T

lovetaecyeon Wednesday, March 22, 2017

While working in this field you'll see even more battles. Unfortunately not all patients can win this battle, this is still something I find hard to deal with. As long as you won't feel like you didn't do your best you will be okay, my dream was to become the helping hand of those who were not able to battle by themselves. Whether they're conscious or unconscious, I wanted to help with everything in me. We can't do more than our best, it's a teamwork not only with your colleagues but also the patients. I can tell this nurse will become great, and I wish her all the luck from the bottom of my heart.

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