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Posted by AllK_Maknae21 pts Friday, February 10, 2017

11 Korean dishes you'd think twice about before eating

1. Gaebul - 'Penis Fish'
While it may be hilarious to say and see, I'm sure it won't be fun to eat - texture wise.
2. Teuksubuwi - 'Cow Digestive Organs'
Korea appears to be one of those countries that believe "If it is edible, we are gunna eat it!" I appreciate them using every bit of the cow, but eat at your own risk!
3. Dalkddongjib - 'Chicken Anus'
I know what you're thinking - Chicken what? Well, you will not be eating the booty like groceries because it is actually just grilled chicken gizzards. The name just translates into the "Chicken Butt."
4. Sannakji - Live Octopus
Live octopus... not for the feint of heart. The pieces are still squirming!
5. Cheonggukjang - 'Dead Body Soup'
Don't worry - there isn't anything dead or deadly about this soup at all! The fermented soy base just has such a potent smell it could kill... your sense of smell at least.
6. Beondegi - 'Silk Worm Larvae'
Nothing like newborn babies to satisfy your hunger cravings. Eat them like chips, sneak a few in your pocket - either way worm larvae are a natural delicacy. You won't find people stealing your snacks now!
7. Jokbal - 'Pig's Feet'
And this little piggy went to market, and this little piggy went all the way down into the boiling pot of water and into my bowl! They may not be fun to gnaw on but they are full of flavor!
8. Dakbal - 'Chicken Feet'
Speaking of feet, I guess this chicken will never cross the road since we are eating them.
9. Sundae - 'Intestine Sausage'
More intestines! The name may sound like an ice-cream party but it is far from it! Pairs well with spicy rice cakes.
10. Aljigae - 'Fish Egg Soup'
If you wanna be like the evil monster in 'Finding Nemo' that ate all of Marlin's babies, this is the soup for you!
11. Roasted Crickets
Another earthy snack that will keep your greedy friends at bay... or maybe all you'll here are *crickets* when you ask them if they would like to try some.

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