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Female trainees in Teddy's THEBLACKLABEL spark interest with their visuals and rumored backgrounds


The trainees at THEBLACKLABEL are causing quite a stir.

Across various online forums, netizens are buzzing with excitement over the recently unveiled photos of trainees affiliated with THEBLACKLABEL. Speculation runs wild that they may be the prospective members of producer Teddy's highly-anticipated new girl group. These hints of a new project coupled with the trainees' captivating visuals have sent expectations skyrocketing.

Among this group of trainees is Ella Gross, the model famously known as "Little Jennie (of BLACKPINK)" (pictured below). 

According to the netizens, these trainees also include the renowned dancer Bailey Sok (pictured below), as well as Moon Seo Yoon, the granddaughter of the influential chairman and business magnate of the Korean chaebol retail company, Shinsegae Group.

Netizens are falling head over heels for the trainees, commenting that they are reviving the "hip BLACKPINK vibe" and applauding the mesmerizing visuals of the prospective members.

However, some skeptics have raised questions about the trainee who appears to be Moon Seo Yoon (pictured below), speculating that she may just be a lookalike. Notably, her Instagram recently transitioned to a private account, further fueling intrigue. It was also noted on a forum that Frederic Arnault from LVMH, previously associated with BLACKPINK's Lisa in dating rumors, had 'liked' a post shared by Moon Seo Yoon.

Bailey Sok has also sparked enthusiasm among netizens who can hardly believe she's gearing up for her debut in a girl group. Some remarked that she may simply be the choreographer for their new song.

The online discussions have also revealed the ages of these trainees: Ella Gross was born in 2008, Moon Seo Yoon in 2002, and Bailey Sok in 2004.

Reactions include:

"Oh my god, this was what I was looking for"
"It's this. This is it."
"Will they become rivals with BABYMONSTER?"
"THEBLACKLABEL took all the best of YG with them"
"Looks more YG than YG..."
"Teddy has taken the best of the best"
"He's really reviving the feel of BLACKPINK"
"They are so pretty....."

"I think Bailey is just the choreographer for them"
"Bailey Sok could have just collaborated as a dancer"
"So....when are they debuting??"
"Please just debut"
"I can't believe that she is the granddaughter of Shinsegae"
"She must just be a lookalike.."

"Bailey Sok is honestly amazing at dancing. She's becoming an idol, though??"
"Bailey is one of the best dancers I've seen"
"Lol is Teddy downright trying to fight with Yang Hyuk Suk"
"Soooooo hip"
"Let's go!!!"

THEBLACKLABEL has yet to officially announce the trainees or members of their new girl group. 

What are your thoughts?

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JohnF4,697 pts 21 days ago 3
21 days ago

Years ago, there was an article like this speculating on prospective YG trainees that were likely to become BabyMonster. Literally none of the girls in that article ended up being in BabyMonster.

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kat93,194 pts 21 days ago 6
21 days ago

It feels like the judging criteria for the two groups is entirely different. For Babymonster it was like "We need to see footage of raw vocals and various kinds of proof that they are good. And they better not be copies of Blackpink. They need to be different." For Teddy group it's like, "Oh? A couple photos and nothing else? Then obviously we need to immediately put them on a pedestal this moment and we like that they feel more like Blackpink so they must be the rightful heirs."

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