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How Koreans are reacting to the news of Russia invading Ukraine


On February 24, the world has been shaken by the news that Russia has officially begun its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.  The world leaders have condemned Russia's "unprovoked and unjustified" attack on the neighboring country. Nevertheless, Russian President Vladimir Putin has chosen to start the invasion and warned against other countries stepping in.

News reports have been made on this day that explosions have gone off in numerous Ukrainian cities and military bases. With the increased possibilities that these attacks will lead to a world war, all the citizens of the global village are on edge as they watch all this unfold.

South Korea is also one of those countries that have been hit hard with this shocking news, as many are hoping this does not escalate a World War III. The issue between Ukraine and Russia might have more weight in the Korean peninsula as it shares a land border with Russia. In fact, the Ukraine crisis has informed the new realities of the future security of both South and North Korea.

The confirmed Russian attack on Ukraine now undermines the efforts of denuclearizing North Korea, leaving South Koreans concerned for the armistice agreement that was established back in 1953 that established the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). This armistice that was established did not mean the Korean war is over. Since this time, the two countries have been at a ceasefire without a peace treaty formally being signed. Therefore, the two countries have still been engaging in a frozen conflict.

Koreans have gathered to an online community to share their concerns and commented, "Now, North Korea will never give up their nuclear weapons after seeing Ukraine being invaded by Russia," "Is Russia have any real justification to attack Ukraine?" "North Korea is going to see this and really keep its nuclear weapons now," "The chances of denuclearizing North Korea has become slimmer," "This is so crazy," "This is so crazy now," "Why is there a need for international law when this happens?" "We're all going to die," "This is so ominous, all I can think is, 'Is this for real?'" and "This is so crazy. This gives North Korea a reason to keep its nuclear weapons."

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stevekpoprock383 pts Thursday, February 24, 2022 60
Thursday, February 24, 2022

Facts that won't be mentioned in Western media:
The CIA staging a coup in Ukraine in 2014
The US arming neo-Nazis militias in Ukraine
Kiev's daily shelling of Donbass civilians
Kiev refusing to implement the Minsk Agreements
NATO lying to Russia about its eastwards expansion


Ukraine supported and armed by the US and its rich allies from NATO

Look what is happening in Ukraine since the Maidan:

Ukraine is a neo-nazi country. They openly uses swastikas, and logos of the Germán SS Divisions (world war II) “Das Reich” and “Galicia”. Nazi Stephan Bandera is glorified by ukraine (specifically Ukronazis)

Ukronazis, followers of Nazi war criminal Stephan Bandera who ran away and avoided Nuremberg trials. Here is photo of Stephan Bandera He in high-ranking nazi officer uniform. He invented "Slava Ukraine".

Defenders of fascist #Ukraine have one argument, and it’s that the president is "Jewish", The U.S. had a black president for eight years, and it was still committing genocide against Africans just as Ukraine is now committing genocide against Jews, Romas, Russians etc in Donbass during more than 6 years. Look at gov. Israel (jewish) practices apartheid and GENOCIDE in Palestine - not just because they have the support of the US but because the Europeans tolerate it. The US and EU are complicit. israel = israHELL= zionist = neo-nazi. The settler-colonialist Israeli apartheid regime is illegally occupying Palestinian and Syrian sovereign territory. But it supports Ukraine's Nazi-infiltrated regime.

Western governments + rich allies westerners and their western press have caused wars and destruction in many countries (iraq, lybia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, etc) with their LIES, all because of their greed and ambitions.

The US and its rich allies westerners does not care about violations of territorial sovereignty. It only cares about global capitalism and imperialist interests. Western powers led by the US who controls the global media/opinion and judging the rest countries by their own standards. They invaded and/or bombed afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Yemen, Palestine, Haiti, and etc. Sanction countries they dont like, making its citizens suffer and call it justice

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letkarmy407 pts Thursday, February 24, 2022 4
Thursday, February 24, 2022

Since the US is talking about International Law currently, seems like the perfect time to bring up the persecution of Julian Assange, the illegal invasion of Iraq by US, .... and US war crimes.


Julian Assange is one of the few real, honest and very good journalists in the west. he won the pulitzer prize. Julian Assange helped expose US war crimes along with other dirty secrets of western governmentsFor this reason he is being crushed by US (+UK), made an example of, in order to deter any real, honest and good journalists from doing the same. Notice how today the "free press" crowd are quiet, free for whom?

Wake up!~ Most of the western press is controlled by rich people or rich govs who don't mind creating wars with lies

Julian Assange said: "Every War in the past 50 Years is a Result of Media Lies."

Julian Assange said: "If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth."

~ let's start telling the truth ~

They lied to us about:
- Iraq
- Afghanistan
- Syria
- Libya
- Vietnam
- Iran
- Honduras
- Haiti
- Cuba
- Panama

etc etc etc… but they 're telling the "truth" about Ukraine. -.- I doubt it very much, they have lied to us too much in the past and in the present, even using their powerful western press and politicians or allies or ppl.

So who are the lying villains that caused destruction of many countries in the last 40 years?

US created Al-qaeda (terrorists)

US and its Allies armed and financed to mujahideen in afghanistan, today known as the taliban (terrorists).

US and its Allies supported to TPLF (terrorists) in africa

US and its allies arming nazis in ukraine

etc etc etc ....The US and its allies have committed atrocities around the world, but they never sanction themselves.

From all over the world, let's say no to war and demand the abolition of military bases (The US has more than 800 facilities of this type in more than 100 countries), Julian Assange must go free. No extradition into the hands of war criminals.

***A recent investigative report alleged that the CIA had plotted to kidnap and possibly kill Assange.

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