Posted by Sophie-Ha Friday, January 7, 2022

"Did they enlist in the military? Their last comeback was before aespa's debut," Fans complain about BLACKPINK's long hiatus


It has been a while since BLACKPINK had promoted as a group, and fans are getting impatient as they want to see the group promote together again.

In fact, BLACKPINK released their first studio album, 'The Album,' back in October of 2020 and held their first online virtual concert, 'The Show,' in January 2021. Additionally, the members concentrated on their solo activities for the entire year of 2021, with Jennie opening her YouTube channel, Rose and Lisa releasing their solo albums, and Jisoo participating in the drama 'Snowdrop.'

Therefore, it has been almost one year since fans were able to see the group promote as a whole group. Now, fans are getting impatient and have gathered to an online community to express their frustration and complaints. Some of these netizens are claiming it seems that the group is on a hiatus for a duration of time that is similar to if a boy idol enlists in the mandatory military service.

Fans complained on Nate Pann, "I mean...did they enlist in the military? *sigh* lol," "Their last comeback was before aespa's debut," "If we are to expect them to make a comeback in March this year, that's around a year and 6 months. That's the same as if a male idol enlists in the army. I would be able to wait if they were male idols," "Shouldn't they release at least one album a year? It's not like they're doing world tours because of COVID," "When will BLACKPINK members be discharged from the mandatory military duties?Lol," "YG hasn't changed, I mean I get that BLACKPINK has become a brand itself and has brand value but they're supposed to be artists then they should have them make comeback as a group. If they had solo activities last year, they should have their comeback as a group at least at the end of the year," and "I feel like they're more Instagram celebrities now since they don't make comebacks too often."

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Lunelvr5,767 pts Friday, January 7, 2022 39
Friday, January 7, 2022

When a male idol enlists, fans wait patiently without having mid life crisis cuz they knew that their artists have absolutely no control over government and it’s their duty
But with Blackpink? They always do the bare minimum and get too much in return...

Don’t get me wrong tho I love Blackpink! but it feels like they are 4 popular celebrities (a dancer, a model, a singer and an actress) that do a collab once a year or if lucky twice with barely any group promotions and contents

- - -

At the moment most of groups that debuted at 2019 have more songs than Blackpink ever did which is quiet funny and sad at the same time but maybe they’re more happy this way? Idk

But I don’t think it’s just YG’s bad marketing strategy but also Blackpink’s own decision? They’re almost 7 years old group…atp they must have some power over their own activities

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MaeilKpop6,914 pts Friday, January 7, 2022 11
Friday, January 7, 2022

LOL Blackpink doesn't actually release music, their job is to pose for pics with Western celebrities at fancy parties and create other content for their social media accounts. They just sing something once in a while to keep up the illusion that they're a Kpop group.

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