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Reporter reveals the reason Lovelyz decided to disband is because of a conflict that could not be resolved


Girl group Lovelyz was also unable to pass the seven-year jinx and announced their disbandment. There were many rumors surrounding the group's disbandment, but Woollim Entertainment finally announced that the members will part ways as all the members, except Baby Soul, will not be renewing their contract.

Then on November 2, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, who used to work as a reporter in the entertainment industry, uploaded a video with the title, "The real reason Lovelyz is disbanding," on his channel. Lee Jin Ho gained much attention because he was the first reporter to claim that 'Actor K' was Kim Seon Ho when the controversy first broke out. He also was the first to claim that singer Choi Sung Bong was faking his cancer.

On this day, Lee Jin Ho explained, "The Lovelyz's members were discussing with Woollim Entertainment about renewing their contract for a long time. In the beginning, things were looking good. A few members stated they will not renew the contract while some decided that they will renew. If the agency showed a more proactive attitude, then Lovelyz would have been able to stay together even though it wouldn't have been all the members."

He then revealed that the deciding factor for their disbandment was the 'Last Album.'

Lee Jin Ho elaborated, "The members who decided to leave the company also wanted one last album and conclude the group activities in a beautiful manner. However, there were unexpected conflicts in opinions. Ultimately, the Lovelyz members and the CEO of Woollim were not able to work out their conflict. Because of this issue, the members who were going to stay changed their mind and decided to leave the company."

The reporter continued to explain, "The Lovelyz' members had so much affection for the group. There were two problems though: The conflict with the CEO and also the different views of the members about their future." He elaborated, "All the members had different personalities and characters so even their future plans were very different."

Lee Jin Ho explained that the members have been actively meeting other agencies since around three months ago. A few members already had solid plans, but the other members continued to meet with many companies to adjust their contracts.

He continued to say on this day in regards to the group's disbandment, "They were a unique girl group that had the concept of being innocent and sentimental, so it's very unfortunate and sad." He added, "It's sadder because the group decided to disband when Mijoo was starting to be successful on entertainment shows."

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

for me most suprising was that babysoul stayed instead of mijoo

usually agencies tries to get money maker to stay for some time

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