Posted by Janie-Reign Sunday, October 17, 2021

Recent photos of TWICE's Jungyeon both shock and draw empathy from netizens


TWICE Jungyeon's latest appearances have drawn significant attention from netizens.

On an online community forum, a netizen shared recent screenshots of TWICE's Jungyeon who displayed a drastic change of appearance. In the past, her sudden weight changes following moments of hiatus due to her neck pain as well as due to panic and anxiety issues have already periodically worried fans. Based on the reactions, these images of Jungyeon solicited both shock and empathy from the netizens.

With the majority voting down the post, netizens left comments such as:

"It's because she went through a neck injury and rested a lot due to anxiety issues. Please just leave her alone."

"When you start taking prescribed medication for psychological issues, you do gain about 10 kg in a month. This is natural."

"Wow....her eyes, nose, and lips are so pretty"

On the other hand, another netizen's comment attracted mixed reviews of both agreements and disagreements. It reads:

"I think being an idol is a very attractive career.. In any case, part of being an idol does require being seen and being judged by external appearances. I understand that this is because she is ill, but in the end, isn't it true that her physical appearance hasn't been taken care of that well? But everyone is protecting her for the sole reason that she is unwell, and she gets to promote thanks to the fans who love her. But regular, non-celebrity people still have to go to work everyday and get through everything alone, despite the fact that they are not exempt from such physical and psychological pains. For the non-celebrities, it's difficult to be respected in this manner no matter how difficult times may be."

Other comments include:

"Hm...you do have to rest if you're unwell"

"How can someone be that beautiful though? Regardless of weight"

"Why are y'all speaking as if this is abnormal"

"I feel bad for her but if she's okay with her appearance in any form then it should be fine"

"Don't you think Jungyeon would be the most stressed one out of all from this situation?"

"Her facial features have stayed the same"

"I think there might be vicious cycle once you start getting depressed about your weight gain"

"She's glamorous!"

"I just want her to be happy"

What are your thoughts?

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Lovelyz_day530 pts Sunday, October 17, 2021 6
Sunday, October 17, 2021

There was no need to make a whole article about this. Leave her alone.

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wyluvbot159 pts Sunday, October 17, 2021 17
Sunday, October 17, 2021

She looks beautiful.

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