Posted by Sophie-Ha Monday, June 28, 2021

An apology letter written by Kim Hwi Sung's acquaintance is gaining attention


A few days ago, a high school senior went missing on his way home. The police continued their search for the student for approximately a week until the student was found dead on the nature trail near Saemaeul Undong Training Center in Seongnam city.

Kim Hwi Sung
went missing on June 22 as he was last seen visiting the book store to purchase KSAT books. He was seen in various surveillance videos until he was last seen using the elevator near the Seohyun subway station on the surveillance footage. 

Then on June 28th, the police revealed that they had discovered Kim Hwi Sung's body on a nature trail with a plastic bag over his head. On the same day, an anonymous post that included a handwritten letter from Kim Hwi Sung's alleged acquaintance is gaining much attention.

The letter reads, "Hwi Sung, it's me, your hyung. I heard the news this morning. I can't believe that I can't see you anymore. You contacted me asking me to meet you just a few days ago... And I'm so sorry for hurting your feelings that you can't forget...I used the words that I shouldn't have used because I was taken aback. They were words that I would have realized that I shouldn't use if I just took the time to think. I have no excuses because I know that I hurt the feelings of your family, who must be having the most difficult time and the acquaintances around you. I was happy being with you, but I hurt you...It's because I was close to you, but I should have been more careful. I'm really sorry I wasn't able to.

I miss you, Hwi Sung..."

He continued to write, "I apologize to the family who was hurt because of my careless actions."

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pink_oracle13,255 pts Monday, June 28, 2021 2
Monday, June 28, 2021

See, when I read that I got the impression the friend had told him to 'man up' or something like that when he tried telling the friend he was having a hard time and struggling. Not that there were romantic feelings involved.


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lymli_queen5,530 pts Monday, June 28, 2021 17
Monday, June 28, 2021

omg, were they lovers? I wouldn't be surprised if he killed himself 'cause being gay is very stigmatized. ok. theories beside...

this guy sounds like he really did a bad thing not only to the victim, but his family? I wonder what was.

it could've been bullying too, it's wild in korean schools. but I'm sure inept cops will do anything to "solve" everything quickly.


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